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July 16, 2024

Andy Humphreys joins Siegel+Gale as Strategy Director for Middle East

Global brand experience firm Siegel+Gale announced the appointment of Andy Humphreys as Strategy Director, EMEA. With over 12 years of experience creating compelling brand strategies, Andy is driven by a passion for creating brand narratives rooted in humanity.

“I’m thrilled to join a firm that embodies the power of simplicity,” says Andy. “Throughout my career, I have consistently focused on crafting brand strategies that resonate deeply on a human level. At Siegel+Gale, we are committed to communicating with people through a single, simple truth or insight, guiding everything we do. After all, brand is where human emotion meets business.”

With an extensive background across various sectors—including technology, financial services, energy, professional services, pharmaceuticals and media—Andy has a proven track record of delivering impactful brand strategies. Previous roles have seen successful collaborations with global brands such as HSBC, Shell, Aramco, Moderna, Qatar Foundation and Rolls-Royce.

Andy’s primary focus as Strategy Director will be delivering outstanding client results by seamlessly integrating brand and business strategies to drive transformation and success. “Our work is measured not just by awards but by how it impacts our clients’ businesses—be it for growth achieved from transformation, building trust or change. In the Middle East, particularly, there are tremendous opportunities to leverage brand strategies for economic and societal impact,” Andy explained.

In addressing client challenges, Andy emphasizes the importance of a unified approach to brand and business strategies: “Brands are tools to achieve business metrics, and as companies transform, their brand should align with the internal culture to support this change.” 

With simplicity at the heart of Siegel+Gale’s philosophy, Andy highlights that simplicity starts with listening to people. “The more you listen, the simpler the solution becomes, as

clarity of need guides the brand’s narrative. An effective brand engages in a two-way dialogue with its audience, facilitating debate rather than delivering a monologue.”

In light of Andy’s appointment, Siegel+Gale EMEA President, Philip Davies, expressed his excitement, “We’re delighted to have Andy join us. He brings significant strategic prowess and tremendous experience to our already stellar team in Dubai. And, being a Scot and a sailor, not an inconsiderable quotient of invention, innovation and that indefatigable spirit, always prevalent north of the border, which will stand him in good stead in the region.”

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