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July 25, 2024

Aramco Digital and World Wide Technology Announce Strategic Partnership to Transform AI Infrastructure in Saudi Arabia

As the Kingdom continues to embark on its ambitious roadmap for digital transformation and empower its economy to leverage innovative technologies, Aramco Digital and World Wide Technology (WWT) have partnered to spearhead the development of an AI-powered Digital Innovation Economy in Saudi Arabia.

The partnership aims to transform the Saudi economy, including key industrial sectors such as energy and healthcare, by integrating advanced AI solutions, unlocking new opportunities for the country and localizing cutting-edge technologies with skills and know-how in the Kingdom.

By partnering with Aramco Digital, WWT is further solidifying its ambitions to drive technological growth and become the transformational innovation enabler of the region.

Omar Mir, International Board Member at World Wide Technology, said, “Last we year announced our ambitious plans to expand into the Middle East region with the goal of establishing an US-Centric technology innovation hub. Today’s partnership with Aramco Digital marks a significant chapter in our mission to provide cutting-edge technology solutions in the region. With our substantial one-of-a-kind Lab and AI Proving Ground R&D environment, we enhance our capability to help the Kingdom’s economy experiment with and implement AI solutions tailored to their specific needs. Aligned with Saudi Vision 2030, it highlights our commitment to drive enterprise AI adoption at a global scale, further cementing our role as a key player in the Middle East’s burgeoning technology landscape. We look forward to pushing the envelope of AI innovation for the benefit of the Kingdom as WWT expands across the Middle East, one of the world’s most critical innovation proving grounds.”

Aramco Digital’s CEO, Tareq Amin, noted that the partnership reflects the Saudi Vision 2030’s goals of digital transformation and economic diversification, “It is a significant step marking an important milestone towards positioning the Kingdom at the forefront of digital innovation. Together, Aramco Digital and WWT are pushing the boundaries of AI to enhance capabilities and create new opportunities by offering technology platforms and solutions that foster creativity, unlock value and promote sustainability.”​

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