May 28, 2024
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Archer Aviation And Falcon Aviation To Set Up Vertiport Network In UAE

Ahead Of eVTOL Launch By 2025

California-headquartered Archer Aviation and Abu Dhabi-based Falcon Aviation have signed a partnership to develop a vertical port network in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the UAE’s two largest cities.

The twin-city network will be a hub for Archer’s revolutionary Midnight electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. This innovative aircraft, designed to accommodate a pilot and a maximum of four passengers and their belongings, offers a unique blend of speed, safety, and sustainability.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in Archer’s journey towards launching the Midnight eVTOL service across the UAE by 2025. It demonstrates Archer’s commitment to transforming urban air mobility and highlights Falcon Aviation’s strategic role in spearheading advanced transportation solutions in the UAE. This move promises substantial societal benefits.

CGI of the Falcon Heliport at Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai. Credit: Archer Aviation

Through this partnership, Falcon Aviation will integrate Archer Aviation’s Midnight electric aircraft into its Dubai and Abu Dhabi infrastructure. This strategic move will offer a quieter, safer, and more cost-effective alternative to traditional helicopters and showcase Falcon Aviation’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, bringing a new era of air travel to the UAE.

eVTOL Specialist

Archer Aviation specialises in producing eVTOL aircraft in the United States. The company’s mission is to revolutionise urban travel in the US and globally by replacing conventional 60-90-minute car commutes with swift electric air taxi flights spanning 10-20 minutes. These flights offer a safe, sustainable, low-noise, and cost-competitive alternative to ground transportation.

Falcon Aviation, known for its premier aviation services in the UAE and broader Middle East region, recently unveiled the Falcon Tours Heliport Terminal at Atlantis, The Palm.

Watch the video here:

This state-of-the-art facility, located at Palm Jumeirah, off Dubai’s coast, will be a hub for Archer Aviation’s Midnight commercial flights, facilitating swift and efficient travel between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, two of the UAE’s most prominent cities by 2025.

The vertiport infrastructure, set to be developed at Falcon Heliport at Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai, and the Marina Mall heliport in Abu Dhabi’s Corniche, will cater to the surging demand for efficient and sustainable transportation solutions in the UAE.

Travel Time

With travel times between Dubai and Abu Dhabi projected to be reduced to as little as 30 minutes, Archer’s Midnight flights promise to revolutionise intra-city commuting in the UAE, offering a new level of convenience and speed.

CGI of the Falcon heliport at Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi. Credit: Archer Aviation

Six autonomous battery packs drive Archer’s Midnight electric aircraft, each powering electric engines. Tailored for consecutive flights spanning 16-24km, with brief intervals required for recharging, the aircraft is crafted to achieve speeds of up to 241kmph.

The Midnight electric aircraft is engineered for affordability. It can rapidly recharge within minutes, ensuring minimal downtime between flights. Operational costs are set to rival those of ground-based ride-share services.

FAA Part 145 certification

Archer Aviation announced on February 8, 2024, that it had been granted Part 145 certification by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This pivotal certification enables Archer to provide specialised aircraft repair services while upholding the highest standards of safety and compliance, a critical prerequisite for operating within the commercial aviation sector.

The certification marks a significant milestone in Archer’s journey toward establishing commercial flight operations.

Adam Goldstein, Founder and CEO of Archer, said: “This FAA certification is a resounding vote of confidence in Archer’s vision and capabilities to deliver a comprehensive urban air mobility service in cities nationwide [United States].

Archer Aviation’s Midnight eVTOL aircraft. Credit: Archer Aviation

“As we progress swiftly towards commercial readiness, we are committed to working closely with regulatory bodies, including the FAA, to ensure that Archer aircraft meet stringent safety standards. We aim to revolutionise urban transportation by offering a sustainable, low-noise, and cost-competitive alternative to alleviate congestion in our cities.”

FAA’s Part 145 certification is imperative for commercial aviation operators and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the United States. It grants authorisation to conduct specialised maintenance and repair tasks on vital aircraft components such as airframes nationwide.

This certification underscores Archer’s dedication to adhering to rigorous safety and operational protocols, including the handling and shipment of hazardous materials. It further signifies Archer’s ability to operate repair stations that comply with FAA-mandated safety and quality standards.

By entrusting maintenance and repairs to authorised experts, the certification reinforces Archer’s commitment to upholding federal regulations and enhancing the safety and reliability of airline operations and passenger travel.

Urban Air Mobility

Goldstein said about his company’s partnership with Falcon Aviation in the UAE: “We are thrilled to collaborate with Falcon Aviation in establishing a vertiport network that will propel urban air mobility in the UAE.

“This partnership not only accelerates our expansion into the MENA region but also underscores our shared vision of creating a sustainable and efficient transportation ecosystem.”

Captain Ramandeep Oberoi, CEO of Falcon Aviation, echoed Goldstein’s sentiments, emphasising the significance of the new partnership in shaping the future of aerial transportation in the UAE.

The Midnight eVTOL aircraft carries four passengers. Credit: Archer Aviation

“For nearly two decades, Falcon Aviation has been at the forefront of aviation innovation in the Emirates,” Oberoi stated.

“Our collaboration with Archer represents a monumental leap forward as we prepare to introduce flying car services that will redefine urban travel.”

Nikhil Goel, Chief Commercial Officer at Archer Aviation, emphasised the company’s commitment to transforming urban travel.

“Our goal is to replace conventional commutes with swift and eco-friendly air taxi flights,” said Goel. “With the support of Falcon Aviation and the visionary leadership of the UAE, we are poised to realise this vision and usher in a new era of urban air mobility.”

Featured image: Archer Aviation’s Midnight eVTOL aircraft received FAA Part 145 certification in February 2024. Credit: Archer Aviation

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