May 26, 2024

ASCER members to showcase the best of ‘Made in Spain’ at Cevisama 2023 expo in Valencia

More than 50 leading companies affiliated to ASCER – the Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturers’ Association – are exhibiting their latest trend-setting innovative products at the 39th edition of Cevisama, at Feria Valencia, Valencia, Spain, from February 27 to March 3, 2023.

Organised and hosted by Feria Valencia, the largest exhibition space in Spain and among the 10 largest event venues in the world, Cevisama 2023 is the leading international trade fair for ceramic floor, wall and paving tiles, bathroom equipment, natural stone, industrialised construction and machinery.

With fresh innovation, a clear commitment to technology and net-zero focus, the 2023 edition of Cevisama is significant as the 2022 edition was not held due to the severe energy crisis in Europe resulting from the war in Ukraine, while the global Covid-19 pandemic also ruled out the 2021 edition of the trade show.

ASCER members, such as Porcelanosa, are world leaders in ceramic tiles. Credit: Arnold Pinto

With more than 500 world-renowned brands in various sectors presenting their latest products incorporating the latest trends in design, technology, innovation and sustainable construction Cevisama 2023’s visitor footfall is set to constitute more than 22,000 retailers, distributors, manufacturers, agents, buying groups, project promoters and specifiers – including architects, interior designers and decorators – from 155 countries, according to Carmen Álvarez, the show director.

Exhibitor sectors at Cevisama 2023: Ceramic tiles (60%); raw materials, tiles, bricks and bonding materials (9%); bath equipment (10.5%); machinery (9.25%). Key exhibitors include major brands such as Peronda, Roca, Baldocer, Keraben, Grupo STN, Aparici, Apavisa, Poalgi, Visobath, Tres, Ramón Soler, Schluter System, Raimondi, Arttros, Fila, Irsap, Vitropixel and Cevica, amongst many others.

Back-to-back business opportunities

With numerous networking and commercial opportunities, conferences and workshops, five-day Cevisama 2023 will seek to highlight the global reputation and value of ‘Made in Spain design and manufacturing under the stewardship of ASCER, the association that collectively represents the interests of more than 100 Spanish ceramic tile manufacturers under the Tile of Spain umbrella brand by promoting their superior design, sustainability and potential appeal to end-consumers. ASCER member companies account for 95% of all the Mediterranean country’s tile production.

Official Cevisama poster. Credit: Feira Valencia

In addition to an Interior Designers Forum, Cevisama 2023 will also feature an Architects Forum headlined by three top-level architects, including the last two winners of the Pritzker prize.

ASCER is headquartered in Castellón de la Plana as most tile manufacturers in Spain that play a pivotal role in the global tile sector are concentrated in the province’s tile cluster, a three-hour train journey from Barcelona.

ASCER headquarters in Castellón de la Plana. Credit: ASCER

The Spanish tile industry’s global exports account for 75% of its turnover, with domestic sales capping the remaining 25%. Exporting to more than 190 countries the tile sector is the third biggest contributor to Spain’s trade balance, with total sales in 2020 equivalent to 3,842 million euros.

Key ASCER role

An international leader in technological innovation, design and quality service, and with continuous applied research, tile processes and tile products evolution, the Spanish tile sector, represented by ASCER, constantly strives to reduce the environmental impact of its offerings by fostering sustainable, circular-building initiatives.

ASCER Governing Board. Credit: ASCER

Since 1980, the sector has reduced its carbon emissions per m2 by 60% and has steadily incorporated technological improvements and innovations in its production processes so that it can achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. The sector also aims to optimise processes in other areas, for instance, by reducing consumption of raw materials and optimising water management.

Tile of Spain brands at Cevisama 2023

ASCER (Tile of Spain) member companies exhibiting at Cevisama 2023: Alaplana Cerámica, Alttoglass Group, Apavisa Porcelánico, Arcana Cerámica, Azulejos Benadresa, Azulejos El Mijares, Baldocer, Ceracasa, Cerámica Mayor, Cerámicas Aparici, Cerámicas Mimas, Cerámicas Vilar Álbaro, Cerlat, Cerpa Cerámica, Cevica, Cicogres, Cobsa, Cristacer, Da Vinci Cerámica, Decocer, Dual Gres, El Molino, EMAC Group, Embeplast, Emotion Ceramics, Equipe Cerámicas, Etile, Fabresa, Fanal Cerámicas, Faveker, Gres Aragón, Halcón Cerámicas, Harmony Inspire, Ibero, Insca, Keraben Grupo, Keros Cerámica, KTL Cerámica, Mainzu, Mayólica, Metropol, Mosavit, Museum Surfaces, Natucer, Neolith, Peronda Group, Peygran, Porcelánicos HDC, Realonda, Roca Tiles, Schlüter Systems, Squamers, Stn Cerámica, Superceramica, Tempio, Togama, Trip, Undefasa, Valenplas, Vitacer, Vives Azulejos y Gres.

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