April 20, 2024
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Aviterra Orders 100+ PAL-V Flying Cars Worth $80 Million

Deployment Set For Middle East And Africa Region

PAL-V (Personal Air and Land Vehicle) has announced that the Netherlands-based company has signed a strategic partnership agreement and received a confirmed order from Aviterra, a newly founded company in Dubai, for more than 100 PAL-V Liberty flying cars to be deployed in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region.

The deal is said to be worth approximately $80 million at current PAL-V Liberty list prices.

Neither PAL-V nor Aviterra disclosed when the flying cars’ fleet would be delivered or when they would be seen operating publicly in the MEA region.

In the past five years, Dubai emirate in the UAE has been a platform for global mobility startups to announce plans to launch various EVTOL aircraft, flying motorcycles, and flying cars.

It remains to be seen how successful the PAL-V Liberty flying car will be in Dubai and the surrounding region, especially as regulatory authorities still consider flying cars and taxis to be purely experimental at the current time.

Mouhanad Wadaa, Managing Director of Aviterra, said: “The PAL-V Liberty is ideally suited to meet the regional travel needs of our clientele, offering a unique fusion of flying and driving capabilities. It represents a transformative innovation set to revolutionise mobility.”

Wadaa, one of the founders of Dubai-based Jetex, noted that Aviterra’s customers could opt for self-driven flying experiences or use Aviterra’s comprehensive services.

Two-Seater Configuration

The two-seater, twin-engine PAL-V Liberty, billed as the ‘world’s first street legal and genuine flying car’ that comes from integrating gyroplane and automotive functionalities, addresses the imperative for independent travel beyond congested road networks, enhancing flexibility.

Boasting a flight range of 500km and a maximum airspeed of 180km/h, the Liberty promises to streamline commutes and travel durations in the MEA region.

Mouhanad Wadaa is a launch customer of the PAL-V Liberty in the MEA region. Credit: PAL-V

The PAL-V Liberty is said to be one of the easiest and safest ways to fly, and it is designed to comply with the highest aviation standards in the world. The gyroplane also offers a low barrier to entry for non-pilots to enter the world of aviation.

“While overseeing a business aviation enterprise, we have consistently monitored the evolving advanced air mobility sector,” said Wadaa, emphasising PAL-V’s unique value proposition.

The PAL-V Liberty is the world’s first street-legal flying car. Credit: PAL-V

“PAL-V’s established presence and compliance with prevailing regulations enable our customers to navigate air and road networks safely. Moreover, PAL-V stands out as the sole provider merging flying and driving capabilities into a single vehicle, a feat unmatched by any other market player.”

Strategic Investment

Aviterra’s investment arm, Loggia Investment, has strategically invested in PAL-V for the MEA region.

Robert Dingemanse, CEO and Founder of Raamsdonksveer, Netherlands-headquartered PAL-V, said: “Aviterra and Mouhanad Wadaa possess extensive aviation expertise, grasp our certification protocols, and enjoy a sterling reputation within the business aviation sector.

“They serve as formidable allies in driving our sales and marketing endeavours across the Middle East and Africa, under the leadership of our VP Middle East, Khalil Malaeb.”

The PAL-V Liberty is available in red, orange and green exterior colours. Credit: PAL-V

To expand its flying car business, PAL-V establishes regional offices worldwide, serving as focal points for sales, maintenance, flight training, and assembly operations.

Dingemanse hinted at forthcoming milestones: “In the ensuing months, expect further updates on developmental progress and certification achievements, reaffirming our leadership in the burgeoning advanced air mobility market.”

Featured image: A CGI of the PAL-V Liberty flying car in both flight and road mode. Credit: PAL-V

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