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July 25, 2024

B2Broker Releases Cutting-Edge Copy Trading Platform, Disrupting the Industry

The Insight Partners report predicts that the copy trading market will grow from $2.2 billion to $4 billion by the end of this decade. This trend highlights a significant opportunity for brokers to adopt advanced copy trading platforms that fulfil trader expectations.

Client feedback is central to B2Broker’s offerings. Consequently, the company has introduced a new generation of the B2Copy platform, designed to disrupt the copy trading industry with unmatched customisation, growth-oriented master trader profiles, a seamless user experience, and additional features!

Even with various solutions for MT4 and MT5, B2Broker is the first, following Spotware (cTrader Copy), to provide enterprise-level copy trading solutions and the first to introduce PAMM for cTrader. Let’s review the outstanding features B2Copy has to offer.

B2Copy — Integrating PAMM, MAM, and Copy Trading into a Single 3-in-1 Solution

B2Copy is an adaptable investment platform that integrates copy trading, PAMM, and MAM features. It supports copy-trading brokers in drawing investors eager to replicate profitable strategies and aids existing brokerages in reactivating inactive accounts by introducing copy trading as a new revenue source. PAMM brokers can set up investment funds, and family offices and hedge funds benefit from the flexibility of PAMM and MAM solutions. Proprietary trading firms enjoy improved risk management controls. B2Copy also enables smooth cooperation with regulated fund managers, providing tailored investment solutions for different strategies.

Exciting New Features in the Latest B2Copy Release

With the new generation of B2Copy, users can enjoy major performance enhancements, improved UI/UX design, and advanced customisation features.

Superior Performance Metrics

B2Copy empowers brokerages with a potent resource to expand their market footprint and unlock novel revenue streams. Its remarkable performance and consistent outcomes establish it as an indispensable asset for clients and their audiences.

➔ Swift Execution and a Wide User Base

One of the most remarkable features of B2Copy is its swift and efficient transaction processing. With the capability to process over 1,500 deals per second, the platform ensures that all investors, regardless of the number linked to a single master account, experience seamless trade execution without delays.

Moreover, the platform features broad connectivity, capable of linking over 5,000 investors to a single copy master and more than 1,000 to a PAMM master.

➔ Platform Activity Rate

Currently, B2Copy serves a network of over 65 active brokers, accommodating in excess of 16,000 master accounts and approximately 40,000 investment accounts. The platform’s capacity for expansion, supported by B2Broker’s renowned credibility and B2Copy’s adaptable framework, is projected to soar with ongoing advancements and the rollout of fresh features.

Across the timeframe of May 2023 to April 2024, B2Copy facilitated a total turnover of $615.6 billion, illustrating its adeptness in managing considerable financial volumes and solidifying its pivotal role in the global trading sector.

User Interface/User Experience Improvements

The UI has been redesigned to enhance visual appeal and user-friendliness, with complex processes now simplified through guided wizards. Form fields have been reduced from 20 to 30 to 5 clear steps with 2-3 options each. Automation of certain tasks significantly reduces the need for extra actions post creation of a master account or investor subscription. Additionally, B2Copy incorporates built-in trading bots to boost trading activity, offering users a more dynamic trading environment.

Increased Customisation Options

The latest version brings forth a range of customisation options, empowering master traders to customise their profiles with nicknames, pictures, and descriptions. This facilitates a higher degree of individuality and professional presentation. Notable enhancements in customisation include:

➔ Fee Structure

The revised fee structure now comprises six distinct fee types: performance fee, trade fee, subscription fee, profit fee, management fee, and joining fee. Additionally, there are six calculation options for performance fees and two choices for management fees. This adaptable fee model empowers master traders to charge investors according to their preferences, whether for signal provision or investment opportunities in their PAMM accounts.

➔ Minimum Deposit Modification

Masters can utilise this feature to establish a minimum investment threshold, ensuring that their strategies are suitable for the account’s size. This is crucial as some trading strategies require a minimum investment of $1,000 or $10,000 to operate effectively. By implementing a minimum deposit requirement, masters can enhance investor performance and satisfaction by ensuring that only suitable investments are selected.

➔ New Widgets

A set of new widgets has been unveiled for brokers’ websites, providing separate sections for the leaderboard and statistics pages. Masters can now effortlessly distribute direct links to their statistics pages, streamlining the demonstration of their performance across social media channels.

➔ Promo and Subscription Codes

Promo and subscription codes empower masters with robust marketing capabilities. Through promo codes, masters can create tailored conditions for their investors, execute their marketing strategies, and offer discounts or exclusive deals on their courses or signals.

Subscription codes are tailored for professional masters operating their own websites and investor networks. They provide a platform for masters to extend their strategy promotion beyond the brokerage, establishing exclusive, password-protected strategies accessible by invitation only.

While these accounts will be displayed on the leaderboard, clients with the special code are restricted to detailed statistics or subscriptions. This functionality empowers masters to pinpoint particular investor cohorts and maintain control over strategy accessibility.

➔ Scoring and In-Depth Analytics

The company has integrated a scoring system into the leaderboard, utilising multiple parameters to aid new investors in identifying top-performing masters. A higher score indicates a more skilled master, simplifying the selection process. Additionally, the statistics page provides 29 statistical parameters for comprehensive analysis, allowing investors to evaluate a master trader’s strategy before investing thoroughly.

Offering a wealth of over 250 customisable settings, the platform is adept at being tailored to suit the specific needs of each broker and its users, ensuring an individualised user journey.

Major Developments on the Horizon

The company is currently focused on developing a range of features to improve the flexibility and convenience of the investment platform for its clients and their end-users:

Cross-Server Copy Trading Solution

B2Broker’s clientele includes numerous large brokerage companies, many of which oversee multiple trading servers spanning MT4, MT5, and cTrader platforms. Responding to their diverse needs, the company’s team is actively working on introducing cross-server copying. This innovative feature will enable clients on one MT4 server to replicate positions from another MT4 server, enabling brokers to offer copy trading services across their entire server infrastructure seamlessly. The same functionality will be applied to MT5 and cTrader platforms.

Multi-Platform Copy Trading Solution

B2Broker is in the midst of creating a multi-platform copying solution specifically for brokerages utilising a range of trading platforms like MT4, MT5, and cTrader. This innovative solution will enable clients to choose their preferred platform for copying positions. Consequently, brokers will no longer need to mandate traders to switch platforms. For instance, a master trader can operate on MT5, while investors have the freedom to utilise cTrader or MT4. This newfound flexibility will empower everyone to invest on their preferred platform!

State-of-the-Art Integrations

Integrating cTrader, MT4, and MT5 into B2Copy facilitates quick linking of master traders’ previous profiles. This enables investors to maintain continuity with their existing investment accounts, fostering straightforward user adoption across various platforms for all parties.

B2Copy’s integration with B2Core, the company’s proprietary CRM and back-office solution, is seamless. This integration ensures flawless operation of all B2Core functionalities, including e-wallets, IB modules, referral programs, account transfer capabilities, and more, alongside B2Copy. The outcome is a cohesive, advanced platform that maximises the utility of B2Core’s esteemed CRM suite.

Moreover, B2Copy enables seamless integration with other proprietary broker CRMs, ensuring that whether deployed independently or in combination with B2Core, B2Copy augments broker functionality.

Concluding Remarks

B2Copy sets itself apart as an advanced investment platform recognised for its speed, adaptability, and innovative attributes. With its substantial imprint on the trading sector and forward-thinking design, it emerges as the preferred choice for brokers and their clients on a global scale.

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