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July 20, 2024

BenQ Showcases An Extensive Range Of Holistic Education Solutions at GESS 2023

Global leader in display technology and solutions, BenQ marked a significant presence at the recently concluded Gulf Educational Supplies & Solutions Exhibition (GESS) 2023, the preeminent education conference and exhibition in the Middle East. Organized in partnership with the Ministry of Education, GESS is a platform that brings together educational professionals and solution providers from around the world to discuss and explore the latest trends and developments in the education sector.

At this illustrious event, BenQ demonstrated its commitment to transforming the educational landscape by showcasing an array of innovative products that foster immersive and interactive learning environments. The company’s pioneering Android-based Smart Projector, the first of its kind designed specifically for education, was a key attraction. With short-throw interactive capabilities, this remarkable device integrates wireless presenting, internet connectivity, and powerful applications, offering an all-in-one solution that can transform traditional classrooms into dynamic, engaging learning spaces.

BenQ’s Innovative Education Projectors

Among the innovative solutions showcased by BenQ at GESS 2023, the Google EDLA-Certified BenQ Board Pro RP04 Series stands out. This interactive display offers full support for Google Mobile Services (GMS) and is officially certified by Google Enterprise Devices Licensing Agreement (EDLA). The RP04 series integrates Google’s core applications, such as Google Drive, Maps, Meet, and YouTube, and allows users to download and install Google Workspace apps directly from Google Play. Students and teachers can access and work on their lesson files directly on the BenQ Board’s touchscreen display, fostering an interactive and collaborative learning environment. Further enhancing its functionality, the RP04 series includes BenQ’s innovative whiteboarding software, EZWrite 6, and the wireless screen sharing solution, InstaShare 2. These tools enable educators to teach lessons, take notes, import or display lesson content, and allow students to simultaneously share and control their screens from their devices on the BenQ Board. The LH730 projector, another highlight of BenQ’s showcase, is a high-brightness LED projector that delivers 4000 lumens and ensures outstanding colour precision. Its superior performance and visual quality can greatly enhance the effectiveness of presentations and visual learning experiences. BenQ also displayed the Master RM04 Series, along with the BenQ Board Essential RE Series in 98”, RE9803. These interactive displays, are designed to promote collaboration and engagement in both classroom and remote learning settings.

An Exquisite Range Of Solutions To Shape The Future Of Education

Addressing the growing need for effective remote learning tools, BenQ showcased its comprehensive range of video conferencing cameras. This included the Zoom-Certified DV01K Full HD Webcam, the DVY32 4K UHD Conference Camera, and the all-in-one Smart Video Bar VC01A, all of which are designed to provide high-quality video and audio for virtual interactions. For design schools, BenQ presented its DesignVue AQColor Monitors, featuring AQColor Technology, Adjustable Arms, USB-C Connectivity, Daisy Chain, Portrait Mode, and a KVM Switch. These monitors offer a complete solution for creative work, enabling designers to bring their visions to life with accuracy and ease.

BenQ also displayed its Eye-Care Monitors for coding and programming schools. These monitors, equipped with a unique Coding Mode, USB-C connectivity, Daisy Chain, and Eyesafe® Certification, are specifically designed to ensure comfort and productivity during long hours of coding. And for institutions offering game development or esports programs, BenQ showcased the ZOWIE XL2566K 360Hz PC Esports Monitor. This high-refresh-rate monitor provides a smooth and immersive gaming experience, making it an excellent tool for both learning and entertainment.

“BenQ believes in the transformative potential of technology in education. Our presence at GESS 2023 underscores our commitment to supporting educators and learners with innovative, user-centric solutions that foster interactive and engaging learning experiences,” said Manish Bakshi, Managing Director at BenQ Middle East. “We are proud to showcase our range of holistic education solutions and we remain dedicated to integrating advanced technology into education, thereby creating environments that inspire creativity, collaboration, and lifelong learning.”

BenQ’s Commitment to Data Security and Privacy

In line with its commitment to data security and privacy, BenQ now hosts its cloud services on both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud. The BenQ service portal and all related databases are hosted on these secure servers which meet the highest standards for data security, processing integrity, confidentiality, privacy, and reliability. All communications to this portal are encrypted using SSL, TLS (1.2 and later versions), and HTTPS protocols, preventing any interception of transmitted data. BenQ’s commitment to data security is also reflected in its compliance with international data privacy standards, including the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Market Leadership

The effectiveness and innovation of BenQ’s educational solutions are underscored by its market leadership. In the first half of 2023, BenQ held the top market position in Interactive Flat Panel Displays (IFPD) in a wide range of countries, including the UAE. It was also the top seller in the Higher Education market in the second quarter of 2023, holding a significant 35.68% market share. In Saudi Arabia and Australia, BenQ continued to dominate, holding the number 1 market share in Q2 2023, with a commanding 40.06% and 16.72% respectively. These achievements highlight BenQ’s commitment to providing innovative and effective educational solutions globally.

With its extensive range of holistic educational solutions showcased at GESS 2023, BenQ has once again proven its commitment to improving education through innovative technology. The visual display giant’s products are designed to not only enhance interactive learning experiences but also integrate advanced eye-care technologies to protect the vision of students and learners. As a pioneer in display technology, BenQ continues to strive for excellence in creating tools that foster collaboration, engagement, and productivity in the educational sector, thereby enriching the learning journey for students worldwide. By blending technology with life-enhancing products, BenQ is truly shaping the future of education.

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