May 24, 2024

Biban 2023 Features Funding Options For Entrepreneurs From The Social Development Bank

The Kingdom’s premier startup and SME conference, Biban 2023, featured the Social Development Bank as a contributing partner. The Small and Medium Businesses General Authority, or Monsha’at, hosted and organized the event this March, held at the Riyadh Front Exhibition and Convention Center.

SDB Leads In Efforts To Foster A Growth In Entrepreneurship In Saudi Arabia

One of the conference’s primary sponsors this year is SDB. As exemplified by a number of the group’s leaders and spokesmen, SDB emphasizes the importance of fostering social development throughout the Kingdom. By giving people access to a wide range of financial and non-financial services, the bank is demonstrating its efforts to support and grow entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia. SDB continues to strengthen its ties with the required authorities by concluding contracts and signing agreements for business owners, small and micro firms, and entrepreneurs.

During the event, SDB took part in some of the lectures and panel discussions. SDB CEO Ibrahim Al-Rashid participated in a panel discussion titled “The Kingdom Joins Efforts to Boost Finance for SMEs in Saudi Arabia” alongside a number of other business leaders and experts. The panel gave the SDB CEO a chance to discuss the bank’s financing programs and solutions for SMEs. These programs and solutions will help SMEs grow, meet the needs of the targeted industries, and boost economic output.

Fahad Al-Ashgar, director of business development at SDB, took part in a panel discussion about how to expand SDB’s services for SMEs. These services also support both male and female citizens in their efforts to advance the Kingdom’s economic development and encourage them to run their own businesses. The debate also covered the actions made by SDB to improve its economic contributions to the Kingdom as a whole and to the most remote regions and villages in the nation.

SDB holds various seminars and offers free business consultations and training courses, with the Dulani Business Center in charge of the training courses. At the exhibition, SDB had three different booths. Also, at the main pavilions, Dulani Business Center, and Jaadah 30, visitors can find out more about the bank’s financial and non-financial services. These pavilions highlight the programs, goods, and success stories of the businesses that the bank has funded. They also show what SDB has to offer.

With the theme “Attract-Connect-Achieve,” Biban 2023 seeks to promote technical entrepreneurship, improve young men’s and women’s digital skills, and encourage the creation of new ideas and technologies.


The participation of the SDB in Biban 2023 demonstrates the bank’s dedication to promoting entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia. Through various financial and non-financial services, SDB assists SMEs, entrepreneurs, and micro firms all over the Kingdom. SDB’s participation in panel discussions, seminars, and consultations shows that it wants to help advance social and economic improvement across the country. By expanding access to financing options and other resources, SDB is assisting in the creation of a dynamic environment for entrepreneurship in the Kingdom.

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