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July 14, 2024

BITS Pilani Dubai Campus Hosts Transformative Events Reaching Thousands of Students and Community Members

BITS Pilani Dubai Campus (BPDC) proudly hosted a series of impactful events this May, attracting thousands of students and community members. The campus buzzed with activity and learning as it presented Jashn 2024, Spectrum 2024, and BITS Tech Fest 2024. These events collectively contributed to the personal and professional growth of participants and provided the platform for the BPDC students to demonstrate their skills in planning, organizing and executing events from start to finish. BPDC’s commitment to fostering educational excellence, cultural appreciation, and technological innovation in the community was clearly evident through these annual events held on its campus at the Dubai International Academic City.

“Events like Spectrum 2024, Jashn 2024, and the Tech Fest at BITS Pilani Dubai Campus highlight our commitment to fostering inclusion, creativity, and innovation,” said Professor Srinivasan Madapusi, Director of BITS Pilani Dubai Campus. “Spectrum 2024 was more than just a day of festivities; it was a celebration of love, laughter, and the limitless potential of every child, showcasing our community’s support for children of determination. Jashn 2024 demonstrated the enduring power of the performing arts to uplift and inspire, bringing together students and schools to create unforgettable memories. Meanwhile, the Tech Fest provided a crucial platform where theoretical knowledge met practical application, equipping students with the skills and experiences needed to excel in today’s tech-driven world.”

Spectrum 2024: A Decade of Inclusion and Joy

Spectrum 2024 celebrated a decade of inclusion for children of determination in the UAE. Presented by Bricks ‘N Woods and organized by the Make a Difference student club at BPDC, the event brought together around 200 children from 10 schools. It began with the lighting of the lamp and an inspiring message from Professor Srinivasan Madapusi, followed by a performance by the Treble choir. Schools like the Rashid Centre showcased vibrant dances, and BPDC’s Groove dance club also performed. Throughout the day, guests enjoyed games and activities, with generous sponsors enhancing the festivities. Each child received certificates, mementos, and goodie bags.

Jashn 2024: The Mystic Saga Unfolds

Jashn 2024, an event to celebrate talented young adults from schools and universities was entirely organized by the BPDC students. This annual event provides an opportunity for the BPDC students to exhibit their skills in leadership, team building, negotiation etc.    The event celebrates performing arts, making this a historic year with nearly 8,000 attendees, including roughly 1,000 participants from 9 schools and 14 colleges across the UAE. Highlights included the Battle of Bands, Proscenium, and ‘One Mic Stand’ comedy event. Captivating performances came from BPDC’s Groove dance club and Gurukul Dance Academy. Middlesex University’s Aria Sikdar won the Solo Battle, and Manipal University clinched the Battle of the Bands. Day two saw six schools in Eastern Solo Singing and Instrumental competitions, with BPDC winning the Proscenium drama competition. Jashn 2024 uplifted and inspired through the power of the performing arts.

BITS Tech Fest: Pioneering Technological Innovation

BITS Tech Fest 2024, an annual technology festival, took place in May over two days, focusing on themes such as Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Resilience, and Sustainable Practices for Energy and Climate Change. Despite weather challenges, the event attracted around 200 attendees from 12 institutions across the UAE, attesting to the resilience of the organizers and the attendees. Day one featured university competitions and panel discussions on AI and Cyber Resilience, moderated by esteemed faculty members. Day two welcomed school students, with discussions on sustainable practices and various tech competitions. The festival concluded with an awards ceremony recognizing outstanding projects and contributions, reinforcing BPDC’s role as a leader in technological education and innovation.

Impact on the Community

Through these events, BITS Pilani Dubai Campus has shown its dedication and commitment not only to the academic and personal growth of its students but also to the well-being and advancement of the community at large. By involving local residents, schools, and industry professionals, BPDC has established itself as a hub of cultural, scientific, and technological exchange in Dubai.

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