February 23, 2024

BITS Pilani Dubai Campus witnesses a significant surge in student enrollments

BITS Pilani Dubai Campus has observed a substantial increase in overall student enrollments for the 2023-24 academic year, achieving noteworthy milestones in academic achievements. This surge is exemplified by the highest enrollment from the UAE in the first-degree programs over the past five years, indicating a growing preference for BITS Pilani Dubai Campus (BPDC) among students from the UAE. Simultaneously, there has been a notable increase in admissions from India, reaching the highest figures in the past 13 years, highlighting the institution’s appeal for quality education and global exposure.

Moreover, there has been a remarkable 90% rise in higher degree enrollments this year compared to the previous year, emphasizing the confidence that students have in BITS Pilani Dubai Campus for advanced education and specialization in their chosen fields. Furthermore, the campus has seen an unprecedented 150% increase in Ph.D. enrollments, establishing a new record for the highest number of applications in its history and reinforcing its standing as a prominent center for advanced research and academic endeavors!

The significant increase in admission numbers is driven by various factors. Indian students are drawn to Dubai for its favorable location, world-class educational facilities, and cosmopolitan environment. Additionally, local students opt for UAE-based higher education institutions due to affordable tuition fees compared to Western countries, along with the appeal of a lucrative job market and higher salaries. This surge in enrollments is evident not only in higher degree programs but also in Ph.D. pursuits. Two main contributors to this trend are the growing stature of the UAE as a higher education hub and the rising demand from working-class students in the UAE aspiring to pursue advanced education.

Commenting on these milestones, Professor Srinivasan Madapusi, Director of BITS Pilani Dubai Campus, expressed his enthusiasm, “We are thrilled to witness such remarkable achievements in student enrollment. These milestones affirm BPDC’s commitment to providing quality education and fostering a conducive academic environment.”

Nahid Afshan, Head of Admission at BITS Pilani Dubai Campus, added, “The surge in admission numbers is a testament to the exceptional educational offerings and the unique advantages that studying in Dubai provides. We, at BPDC, are committed to nurturing a diverse and dynamic student community and providing them with opportunities for academic and personal growth.”

These combined accomplishments underscore the continued success of BITS Pilani Dubai Campus in attracting students not only from the UAE but also from across the globe. The campus remains dedicated to delivering world-class education and contributing to the academic and research landscape in the region.

For further information on the courses and admissions, please visit BITS Pilani Dubai Campus:  https://www.bits-dubai.ac.ae/admissions/ or call 009714-2753700.

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