April 18, 2024

Blissful Beginnings Revolutionising Postpartum Care in the GCC

In response to the UAE’s ambitious vision to double the number of Emirati families within a decade through improved healthcare and education initiatives1, Blissful Beginnings, the first luxury baby and mother retreat in the GCC, proudly introduces its comprehensive postpartum care support program. Dedicated to nurturing both mothers and their new-borns, this initiative aligns seamlessly with the country’s commitment to enhancing the well-being of families and underscores Blissful Beginnings’ role in contributing to this transformative vision.

Transforming postpartum care and addressing postpartum challenges

In the UAE, renowned for its outstanding medical services, families are essential in welcoming a new baby, whether Emiratis with support from relatives or expats with short stays of family members. Surprisingly, despite this, 22% of mothers in the UAE2 experience postpartum depression, and a survey by Lansinoh reveals a staggering 95% of new mothers feel that society inadequately supports them during this critical phase3. Blissful Beginnings addresses these challenges and aims to revolutionise the postpartum care offering to ensure that mothers can recover swiftly and transition comfortably into their new role.

Holistic Care: A team of experts around the clock

It’s time to experience unparalleled care with Blissful Beginnings – the ultimate destination for world-class postpartum support. With a powerhouse team of certified experts, each boasting over a decade of expertise, Blissful Beginnings goes the extra mile with tailored bespoke programs for every family, delivering premier services and steadfast support customized to the needs of the mothers and their new-borns.

Imagine this: 24/7 support for mothers and babies, covering everything from wellness therapies and lactation guidance to premium nutrition and baby bonding sessions. Blissful Beginnings isn’t just about postpartum recovery – it’s about forging an unbreakable bond between parents and their newborns. Families are invited to join this extraordinary journey, redefining the first year of parenthood.

Luxury Locations in UAE

Nestled in the lap of luxury at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Jumeirah and Park Hyatt in Dubai Creek, Blissful Beginnings suites provide an oasis of tranquillity with breath-taking views. This is more than just a place – it’s a home away from home that goes above and beyond. With curated programs that focus on self-recovery, healing and family bonding, offering round-the-clock expert support, care and guidance.

Illham, a new mother who spent four days at Blissful Beginnings Mandarin Oriental shared, “My stay was genuinely blissful. Arriving exhausted, I departed rejuvenated, overflowing with energy. The retreat provided a profound sense of security and connection. Every mother deserves this experience, reaffirming that self-care is essential, not a luxury.” Her husband, Aladdin noted, “Although I was not at the retreat, its positive impact was palpable through my wife’s tranquil voice and our conversations, which evolved from basic baby care to deeper aspects of our relationship, signifying a remarkable transformation.”

More than a retreat, Blissful Beginnings is a game-changing experience where new mothers confidently embrace the joys of motherhood. It’s not just a break from the routine; it’s a nurturing haven for mothers embarking on the incredible journey of parenthood. Every mother is not just supported but empowered at Blissful Beginnings, making the journey into motherhood a truly transformative experience.

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