December 8, 2023

Blissful Beginnings Ushers in a New Era of Postpartum Care in the GCC

Blissful Beginnings is delighted to announce the launch of its postpartum care retreats, the first of its kind in the GCC. Located at two luxury hotels; the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Jumeirah and the Park Hyatt Hotel in Dubai Creek, Blissful Beginnings offers ground-breaking, tailored programmes, for new families and their babies to support mothers navigating the delicate postpartum phase.

With existing offerings predominantly revolving around childcare, with occasional parental support, Blissful Beginnings has been founded to bridge a large gap in postpartum care. Used by millions of women around the world, post-natal retreats are particularly popular and deeply ingrained in cultures such as Asia and the Americas. In these regions, the emphasis of post-natal retreats stems from the traditional beliefs that postpartum care and recovery significantly impact a woman’s long-term health, marriage wellbeing and connection with the newborn.

Inspired by the positive impact post-natal retreats have had on millions of women every day, Blissful Beginnings is the first to bring this concept to the UAE and provides a fully integrated care that focuses on maternal self-recovery and healing, coupled with attentive baby care, all within the ambiance of a soothing retreat.

Sandrine Chaker, Founder and CEO of Blissful Beginnings said: “Blissful Beginnings has been created to fill a void in postnatal care, recognising that the current focus primarily revolves around childcare. Upon leaving the hospital, new mothers often return home to the care of nurses or nannies. However, we believe that true motherhood encompasses more than just childcare. Our mission is to redefine the postpartum experience, encouraging women to embrace motherhood and embark on this incredible journey with confidence and vitality.”

The journey into motherhood often unfolds with unforeseen challenges, leaving new mothers grappling with the shock of the postpartum period. Despite the anticipation and joy surrounding the birth of a child, many find themselves unprepared for the realities that follow. A recent survey conducted by BabyCenter*, which involved 2,000 mothers, highlighted a significant deficiency in postpartum support for maternal health and wellbeing. The findings revealed that a mere 41% of mothers feel adequately supported during the postpartum phase. Notably, the assistance they do receive tends to revolve predominantly around the care of their new-borns. Despite 65% of mums expressing confidence in their ability to care for their new-borns upon leaving the hospital, only 47% feel equally prepared to tend to their own needs.

She added: “Our approach is holistic, tackling the physical, emotional and mental aspects of the postpartum period. We understand that getting the foundations right from the very beginning is crucial to setting parents on the right path for life. Blissful Beginnings is not just a retreat; it’s a sanctuary where mothers and fathers can find the support they need, to navigate this transformative time with grace.”

Responding to the need for holistic support for both mother and baby, Blissful Beginnings is distinct from traditional in-home baby care services, offering a unique getaway, seamlessly replicating the luxury and security of a healthcare setting to create a safe and trusted haven for new mothers to unwind and relax.

Families benefit from a comprehensive and professional postnatal experience, available 24/7.

A dedicated team of certified experts in the field of emotional support, holistic wellness therapies, lactation support and nutrition counselling accompany every new parent and baby every step of the way to transition in their new adventure as a family. 

Blissful Beginnings is not just a service; it’s a heartfelt journey into the next era of postpartum care. Imagine a haven, a home away from home, where new mothers find not just support, but transformation after the beautiful chaos of giving birth.

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