April 15, 2024

Bridge Medical GPO and SupplyCopia tie up

Dubai, UAE – February 24, 2023 – Bridge Medical Group Purchasing (BMGP), the UAE’s leading Group Purchasing Organization, and SupplyCopia, the fastest-growing provider of technology-fueled supply chain solutions for healthcare, today announced a partnership agreement to bring new solutions to healthcare systems and suppliers.

The partnership agreement will be signed by Mr. Rashed AlFadala, CEO and General Manager of Bridge Medical Group, and Ashok Muttin, founder and CEO of SupplyCopia.

Bridge Medical Group Purchasing Organization (www.bmgp.com) is focused on driving the positive transformation of the healthcare industry through the delivery of comprehensive procurement solutions, advanced best-in-class technologies & implementing leading industry practices, leading to healthier & happier communities.

The organization’s focus on patient-centric outcomes is a perfect fit for partner SupplyCopia. With a base in the U.S. and a global reach, SupplyCopia is leveraging innovative and proven technology solutions to improve how health systems and suppliers utilize data, analytics, and insights. Together, the organizations will focus on helping clients achieve cost savings and improve patient outcomes through the clinical, operational, and financial performance of BMGP members.

“Healthcare in the MENA region continues its rapid evolution, with multiple factors driving economic shifts, changes in patient demographics, and the emergence of new locations of care,” said  Mr. Rashed AlFadala, CEO and General Manager of Bridge Medical Group Purchasing. “We aim to be part of the positive transformation of the healthcare industry in the Middle East, and partnering with SupplyCopia will help fulfill this promise. Their technology has been proven to solve some of the most fundamental problems healthcare organizations face.”

“It’s clear that rapid change in the region means that hospitals and healthcare providers must be ready for adaptation to these advances in patient care and technology,” said Mr. Ashok Muttin, founder and CEO of SupplyCopia. “By working with Bridge Medical Group, we can deliver modern technology solutions that focus on building more integrated, cost-effective care models. Together we can help healthcare systems transform the way healthcare is delivered across the GCC.”

This partnership will result in a technology-driven GPO platform enabling a new end-to-end approach for BMGP’s members. Together, BMGP and SupplyCopia will work with healthcare organizations throughout the region to create solutions that go far beyond the transaction to create a new intelligence-based care delivery model that encompasses business insights and global best practices in patient care.   

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