June 13, 2024

Build Small, Play Big – NVIDIA Introduces SFF-Ready Enthusiast GeForce Cards & Compatible Cases

At Computex 2024, RTX AI PCs are bringing significant breakthroughs in gaming, content creation, and other areas. New AI developments, SFF-Ready recommendations for enthusiast GPUs and cases, and new RTX enhancements for Star Wars Outlaws and Marvel Rivals are among the NVIDIA GeForce announcements that are now available.

Small Form Factor (SFF) PCs pack powerful components into stylish cases that can be displayed on gamers’ desks, carried to LAN parties, tucked away in tight spaces, and slotted into media centers. Once a niche format supported by only a few boutique builders, SFF is now part of many top case manufacturers’ line-ups.

Component compatibility remains a challenge, however, requiring prospective buyers to dive into specification sheets and ask other enthusiasts whether there’s available space and clearance for parts, cables and assembly. GeForce RTX graphics cards come in all shapes and sizes, and though partners’ pages list product dimensions, clearances for power cables and connectors generally aren’t referenced, necessitating guesswork and further research to ensure the graphics card is SFF-suitable.

NVIDIA is  working in partnership with graphics card and case manufacturers to make component choice simpler by introducing a new SFF-Ready guideline for GeForce RTX enthusiast graphics cards and cases. This new guideline will instantly tell whether a graphics card fits in a SFF case.

“As enthusiastic supporters of the small form factor community, we are proud to partner with NVIDIA to deliver powerful performance in compact, space-saving designs. NVIDIA’s SFF-Ready Enthusiast GeForce graphics cards and cases allow PC enthusiasts to experience the full potential of SFF technology.” says Kent Chien, Corporate Vice President, General Manager of Multimedia BU, ASUS.

Manufacturer product pages and listings on global retailers will soon be updated with text labeling graphics cards that meet the guideline as “SFF-Ready Enthusiast GeForce Cards”, and cases as being “Compatible with SFF-Ready Enthusiast GeForce Cards”, instantly identifying parts that fit together and allowing gamers to buy and build with confidence.

For further details, size-compatibility diagrams, compatible cases, and a list of all currently compatible graphics cards, take a look at the  SFF-Ready article.

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