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July 20, 2024

Camelicious Launches with an All-New Look: A Fresh Chapter in the Legacy of Camel Milk

Camelicious, the UAE’s leaders in camel milk products with a farm of over 8,000 camels, proudly unveils its rejuvenated brand identity as it continues to preserve the Emirati tradition while infusing an innovative touch into operations. With a revamped logo and packaging, Camelicious introduces a modern aesthetic while maintaining the exceptional taste and quality that has solidified its position as a household name in the UAE. With its legacy deeply rooted in the traditions of the UAE, Camelicious perfectly embodies the ethos of Dubai, seamlessly melting the past with the future. 

Preserving Tradition, Unveiling a Modern Vision

After 25 years of intensive research on Camel milk in Dubai, in 2006, the idea of Camelicious was conceived with a vision to highlight the extraordinary health benefits of camel milk in the traditional Emirati diet and make it available for all people in the UAE. The vision behind this was to make healthy products and introduce a camel milk industry based on science, innovation, and sustainability. Today, the brand takes a bold step forward, blending tradition with modernity, committing to creativity, sustainability, and maintaining its legacy of high-quality camel milk production. 

Revitalising Tradition, Sharing Culture with the World

Camel milk isn’t just a product; it’s a legacy passed down through generations. Camelicious proudly shares the essence of Emirati culture and lifestyle with the world. The regal purple colour that adorns the labelling is a tribute that pays homage to the rich cultural heritage of the UAE. 

The production and use of camel milk is also a nod to the past, where the staple diet of people from this region would be heavily reliant on nutrient dense camel milk and dates. A completely sustainable operation, which is also environmentally friendly, camels are a virtuous animal and perfect adept to thrive in the UAE climate with their importance to the prosperity of the country never to be understated. 

Camel Milk for A Better Life

Camelicious isn’t just a brand; it’s a lifestyle choice. So much more than just a drink, camel milk boasts a myriad of nutritional benefits, and the new look emphasises these, namely the fact it is hormone-free, non-GMO, and antibiotic-free. Proven to have positive effects on diabetic patients, rich in immune boasting vitamins, and packed with unsaturated fatty acids, Camelicious is the optimal choice for those seeking a heart-healthy alternative. A breakthrough in the dairy industry and a great source of ‘healthy fats’, camel milk is rich in natural vitamin C as well. The content of this immune-boosting vitamin is 3-5 times higher than in cow’s milk while it also contains more calcium than other milks, which is important for growing children. Being a naturally occurring pro-biotic, it can assist healthy bacteria growth within the gut too.

Health and Beauty Unveiled: A Superfood for a Super Life

Camelicious introduces a range of products tailored for families and individuals pursuing holistic, healthy living. Camelicious offers not just a range of tasty products but a pathway to well-being, vitality, and the pursuit of a better life. The product line includes everything from plain fresh camel milk, flavoured milk, laban, camel milk ice cream, and chocolates to milk ghee, milk powder, and much more. 

Join the Healthy Tribe: Embrace a Vibrant, Fresh, and Happy Lifestyle

Camel milk is a new innovation on the horizon of the global dairy industry, offering a virtuous product that adds immense value to the dairy world. Camelicious invites you to join the “healthy tribe” – a new age movement centred around vibrant, fresh, and happy living. From children sipping flavoured milk to adults relishing the rich, natural taste of camel milk, Camelicious embodies the essence of a better life for all. 

Discover the New Camelicious: A Symbol of Dubai’s Spirit

Innovation, modernity, and a steadfast commitment to sustainability define Camelicious. Boasting a solar park that generates 3.7 megawatts of energy a year alongside an ongoing project that converts the camel manure to biochar, which helps sustain the water and soil turning the desert landscape into an oasis, Camelicious is actively working towards the UAE’s 2050 sustainability goals of achieving net zero.

The brand encapsulates Dubai’s spirit, seamlessly blending the past with the future, which the company wants to share with the world. With camels enjoying a lifespan of 20 to 25 years, all the milk produced at Camelicious is hormone-free, and the animals are treated ethically at their Dubai-based farm, ensuring a high quality of life. Following the milking process, the camels, along with their calves, embark on a 4km walk to promote their happiness and well-being, fostering a natural approach to intensify milk production. They are also given monthly grooming treatments that include shampoo washes, with a heavy emphasis being placed on their welfare. 

Camelicious perfectly encapsulates the essence of Dubai – a city thriving on innovation, tradition, and a dedication to a healthy lifestyle. With its brand-new look, there has never been a better time to join the journey and embrace a better life with Camelicious.

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