February 25, 2024

Celebrations are in the Air as the Saudi Arabia Founding Day Begins

Celebrations are in the air, and the excitement is palpable as the kingdom of Saudi Arabia begins preparations for the Saudi Arabia founding day. Under this celebration, the country has declared Wednesday, February 22, 2023, as a national holiday for workers in the public and private sectors. The incoming foundation day is the second of its kind after the kingdom officially selected February 22 as the official day to celebrate the founding day.

What is the Saudi Arabia Founding Day

In 2022, the reigning king of the Saudi Arabian kingdom and the custodian of the two holy Mosques made a Royal Decree officially fixing the Saudi Arabia foundation Day to February 22 annually. The foundation day is expected to be celebrated to remember the kingdom’s deep roots. It is said that the day is commemorated to celebrate three centuries of the kingdom’s existence and its diverse cultural heritage, among other things.

February 22 has been selected as the foundation day’s national celebration because Saudi Arabia’s first ruler and founder, Imam Muhammad bin Saud assumed power In the second half of the year 1139 AH. The country selected Jumada II on 30, 1139, that is, February 22, 1727, CE

What are the Details of the Celebration of the Incoming Foundation Day

Primarily, the national celebration of Saudi Arabia’s founding day is to realize specific objectives. Some of them include honoring the unity of Saudi Arabia as established by the founder and to honor first Saudi Arabia’s state resilience against foes. The national day is also to celebrate the accomplishment of the state in unity, stability, and security, to honor the strong bond between the citizens and their leadership, and finally, to keep the deep roots of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The country intends to commemorate the national celebration with several events and festivities this year. One of them would include beautiful traditional art displays and exhibitions to give a glimpse into Saudi Arabia’s history. The founding day is also known for fireworks and other shows and concerts in the previous year. Although no special announcements about the specific activities to expect during the celebration have been made, such exhibitions will likely be replicated this year.


It is beautiful to see the kingdom of Saudi Arabia feel so strongly about its origin that they are ready to give all resources to see to its success. It is much more astonishing that both the private and public sectors resonate with this tradition and can promote unity within their organizations by commemorating the founding day with a public holiday. In the previous year, the founding day festivities were one to remember. One can expect nothing less as this year’s edition promises to be bigger and better.

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