February 26, 2024

Century Financial joins hands with the University of Dubai and PRME

Reiterating its commitment towards making financial literacy an essential life skill at the grassroots level; Century Financial, the region’s leading investment services provider collaborated with the University of Dubai and Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME) to release ‘Financial Freedom for All’. Launched at PRME Middle East’s 10th Regional Forum, held on December 4, the guide simplifies financial literacy for blue-collar and front-line workers and aims to equip them with essential financial skills.

The initiative is backed by a comprehensive ‘Train the Trainer’ program that will further help cultivate financial empowerment amongst the country’s hardworking workforce. Having collaborated to design these informative and authentic resources on financial literacy, Century Financial is committed to redefining financial freedom with improved decision-making and stability for overall economic development.

Speaking at the unveiling, Bal Krishen, Chairman & CEO and Sameera Fernandes – Director Corp. Affairs & Sustainability, Century Financial, jointly resonated, “The launch of ‘Financial Freedom for All’ marks a pivotal moment in our journey towards empowering every individual in our community. By enhancing financial literacy, we are not only contributing to personal growth but also fostering a more resilient and informed workforce. This aligns perfectly with the ethos of PRME and our commitment to responsible management and education.”

Contributing further, Dr. Eesa Mohammed Bastaki, President of the University of Dubai, stated, “Our dedication to the PRME principles over the last decade has been a journey of continuous learning and improvement. The release of ‘Financial Freedom for All’ is a crucial step in our mission to extend the benefits of education beyond the classroom. We are committed to equipping our community, especially the most vulnerable sections, with the knowledge and skills necessary for financial independence and success.”

Echoing sentiments, Dr. Yaprak Anadol, Head of the PRME Middle East Chapter, added, “The development of this significant financial literacy initiative is a testament to the active collaboration and dedication of faculty from the University of Dubai, members of the PRME Middle East, the PRME Working Group, and the expert team from Century Financial. These individuals devoted countless hours and shared profound insights, pooling their diverse expertise in finance, education, and responsible management. Their collective effort was pivotal in creating a publication that not only educates but also empowers, reflecting a harmonious blend of academic rigor, practical financial wisdom, and a deep understanding of the needs of blue-collar and front-line workers. This collaborative endeavor is a shining example of how cross-sector partnerships can lead to impactful and meaningful educational resources”.

Elevating ESG Impact in the Financial Sector

Continuing its efforts towards contributing to the larger ESG vision, Century Financial will also be seen taking centerstage at COP 28’s ExPo City Green Zone in the upcoming week. On the 9th of December, a series of panel discussions focusing on Century Financial’s ‘Sustainability&U’ will further delve into the importance of partnerships and collaborations. Located at the Majra booth under the Ministry of Technology & Innovation Hub -1, MOIAT Pavilion at the Dubai Expo City, the key discussion areas will focus on ‘Green Synergy’, ‘The Future We Choose’, and ‘Fostering Green Minds’ exploring collaborative sustainability, leadership in green initiatives, and the role of education in raising awareness on these.

With over 28 top-league professionals from the education, healthcare, BFSI, IT, Nuclear, Hydrogen, Renewables, Energy, and Utility industries along with the government; the series is set to share interesting practices, technologies, challenges faced, and solutions implemented. In light of sharing knowledge on ESG integration in business strategy; Century Financial hopes to raise awareness of sustainable practices and the necessity to incorporate them in operations and reporting methodologies.

Apart from this, Century Financial will also be delivering an insightful session on ‘Enhancing Business Sustainability: A Comprehensive Approach to ESG Integration in Corporate Strategy and Decision Making’ at Middle East ESG Summit. On the 5th of December, Century Financial’s Sustainability&U also hosted an engaging roundtable covering ‘Green Learning, Brighter Future: Revolutionizing Education for Sustainability’. The roundtable aimed at integrating sustainability into education, aligning with COP28 goals, and touched on curriculum integration, green school initiatives, and community engagement.

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