Chalhoub Group installs hearing induction loops in its stores
July 20, 2024
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Chalhoub Group installs hearing induction loops in its stores

The UAE-based Chalhoub Group, in partnership with ImInclusive, a UAE-born certified disability inclusion social enterprise, has installed hearing induction loops across 300 of the Group’s retail stores in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait.

The large-scale implementation reaffirms the Chalhoub Group’s commitment to inclusivity while providing an accessible and equitable shopping experience for all its customers, including hard-of-hearing customers who use cochlear implants or hearing aids.

In parallel to installing the hearing loops across Chalhoub Group’s retail stores, hard-of-hearing trainers of ImInclusive are conducting staff-wide hard-of-hearing culture and sign language communication training, engaging all Chalhoub employees to enhance the shopping experience for customers further.

Installed at customer interaction points, the hearing induction loops – also known as audio-frequency induction loops – are discreetly utilised by customers who require assistive hearing technology and can be recognised by international blue signage.

The initiative reflects Chalhoub Group’s efforts in working towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals of reducing inequalities and enhancing decent work and economic growth.

Damian Brown, Group Head of Talent Acquisition at Chalhoub Group, said: “True inclusivity begins with creating an environment where everyone feels welcome and valued. By installing hearing loops across our stores, we are taking a significant step towards ensuring an inclusive shopping experience for hard-of-hearing customers. At Chalhoub Group, we are proud to lead the way in promoting accessibility and embracing diversity within the retail industry.”

Hafsa Qadeer, CEO and Founder at ImInclusive, commented: “Our long-term partnership with Chalhoub Group is a source of great pride for our inclusive community. Together, we are achieving remarkable milestones. This partnership emphasises our dedication to crafting inclusive journeys for customers and employees with disabilities. Intentional inclusion of all stakeholders plays a pivotal role in the success of any organisation.”

Hearing loop systems represent universal access and are installed in retail stores across the UK, USA and 30+ countries under accessibility laws.

The technology transmits audio signals wirelessly from sound sources to telecoil-equipped hearing aids and cochlear implants.

This seamless connection to the loop system enables customers to discreetly experience 80% higher sound clarity in over-the-counter communication, announcements, product details, and other pertinent auditory information, eradicating ambient noise, elevating human-centric retail design, and establishing an inclusive environment, welcoming all customers.

Chalhoub Group plans to expand the hearing loop installations into its stores in Jordan, Egypt and India shortly.

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