March 5, 2024

ChannelHub Hosts Retail Solutions

Channel Summit MENA, the most anticipated event for e-tailers and retailers in the MENA region, is partnering with Business France to host the Retail Solutions Showcase, featuring cutting-edge technologies and solutions for digital transformation, customer engagement, retail media, and business insights. This collaboration holds significant importance for Business France, emphasizing its commitment to promoting innovative French RetailTech companies and strengthening economic ties between France and the UAE.

The Retail Solutions Showcase will feature five guest speakers who will delve into the following key areas:

  • Bleu Reflet: Bleu Reflet brings unique and tailor-made digital solutions to life, enabling consumers to experience new dimensions in shopping. Their offerings include virtual try-on, 360 interactive and marketing solutions, digital sizing tools, and a realistic Web 3.0 environment, all powered by photo-realism, AI, and AR.
  • Quividi: Quividi provides an AI & multisensor-based platform that delivers real-time audience measurement and shopper engagement insights. Their solutions cater to the retail, retail media, and digital out-of-home industries.
  • Technis: Transforming data into decisive action, Technis offers a comprehensive data-driven ecosystem. Their cutting-edge SaaS platform, coupled with an extensive network of strategic partnerships, provides businesses with all-encompassing solutions for leveraging data for impactful decision-making.
  • ULiT: ULiT believes in the power of digital solutions to enhance flexibility, responsiveness, transparency, and reliability. Their negOptim suite empowers teams to make swift and informed strategic decisions during negotiation rounds, covering aspects like assortment, promotion plans, price positioning, margin management, and invoice issuance to suppliers.
  • Weblib: Weblib is a software editor that specializes in secure solutions for WiFi connectivity and mobile device management. Serving a wide range of customers in retail, travel, large corporations, public entities, and public venues, Weblib ensures seamless connectivity and management.

Axel Baroux, Trade Commissioner & Business France Managing Director Middle East, said, “This partnership highlights the importance for Business France to give the most innovative and promising French RetailTech companies visibility and business opportunities among local decision-makers. It also aims to strengthen economic ties between France and the UAE, and to create new opportunities for collaboration and growth.”

Participation in Channel Summit MENA aims to put the French RetailTech players in the spotlight and highlight their expertise to local decision-makers. Baroux added, “If this first edition is successful, the goal would be to make this partnership lasting and to bring even more startups and SMEs to take part in this event. We would like to help share the influence of Channel Hub for Channel Summit MENA in the region among the French ecosystem, and it will also be a relevant opportunity to promote Paris Retail Week, a leading event for omnichannel commerce, which takes place in Paris in September.”

“Channel Summit MENA has always been committed to fostering innovation and facilitating meaningful connections within the Retail industry,” commented Farouk Hemraj, founder at ChannelHub, the organiser of the Summit. “Our partnership with Business France signifies a significant step in this direction. We are excited to provide a platform for the most innovative French RetailTech companies to showcase their solutions to local decision-makers. It’s our vision to create new opportunities for collaboration and growth within the retail sector, driving forward the digital transformation of the industry.”

The event promises insightful discussions, networking opportunities, and a closer look at the technologies driving retail’s digital evolution. ECSF at the Channel Summit MENA promises to be an insightful and influential event, offering invaluable opportunities for networking and learning to professionals in the electronics retail industry across the MENA region.

The ECSF will bring together a diverse group of speakers and experts, offering a wealth of insights for C-level executives at some of the leading retail organisations across the MENA region.

For more information and registration for the summit, please visit Attendees are invited to visit ECSF page for the full agenda and details.

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