June 26, 2024

Chery x UNICEF Initiative Promotes Global Children’s Education

Chery, in collaboration with UNICEF, is proud to announce its #InnovationAndSkills initiative. This global program aims to address significant educational challenges faced by children worldwide.

The funding provided by Chery is designed to support UNICEF’s (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) mission of improving access to teaching and digital learning, and focuses on three primary challenges:

Addressing School Dropouts and Learning Inequality: Nearly 250 million children and adolescents are out of school worldwide. Chery’s partnership with UNICEF strives to offer quality learning and skills through UNICEF’s Global Education Thematic Fund.

Bridging the Digital Divide: Two-thirds of school-aged children lack internet access at home, which widens the digital divide. Chery is helping to fund UNICEF’s programs to improve access to digital learning and teaching systems, ensuring more children can benefit from modern educational resources.

Supporting Underserved Groups: Marginalized children, such as girls, young people on the move, those with disabilities, or living in poverty, are less likely to attend school. Chery aids UNICEF’s work to reach the hardest to access, aiming to improve inclusive teaching environments.

Through the #InnovationAndSkills initiative, Chery aims to extend its positive impact as a socially responsible global automotive leader by collaborating with UNICEF to elevate academic outcomes for children globally.

Chery’s broader commitment to education and innovation is reflected in its significant investments in technology and development. The company plans to invest 100 billion Yuan in tech innovation over the next five years, working with eight Research and Developments centers and over 300 labs worldwide. This investment will accelerate the global layout of new energy and promote the synergistic evolution of fuel and electric technologies, putting Chery at the forefront of these disciplines.

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