Daikin to exhibit at the Japan pavilion at COP28
July 25, 2024

Daikin to exhibit at the Japan pavilion at COP28

Daikin Industries will exhibit its high-efficiency inverter air conditioner, which contributes to 50% energy savings at the Japan pavilion at COP28 in Dubai, UAE.

The 28th Conference on Climate Change in Dubai, UAE, occurs from November 30 to December 12, 2023.

This will be Daikin’s first exhibition at a COP event.

This strategic involvement not only solidifies Daikin’s dedication and efforts to sustainability but also underscores the company’s celebration of local citizenship and aligns with the UAE’s Year of Sustainability, demonstrating Daikin’s strong commitment to both the government and the citizens in the regions where the company operates.

For the first time, Daikin will exhibit at the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

COP is an international conference that brings together leaders from international organisations, national and local governments, NGOs, and leading companies to discuss international trends and the necessary rules for mitigating global warming.

The conference has been held since 1995, and this year marks its 28th meeting.

“We are committed to realising carbon neutrality worldwide by creating highly energy-efficient air-conditioning innovations.

“At COP28 we look forward to connecting with government officials and other stakeholders from around the world and presenting our inverter technology, which holds a variety of environmental benefits,” said Masatsugu Minaka, Senior Executive Officer of Daikin Industries and Chairman of Daikin Europe.

Japan’s environment ministry hosts the Japan pavilion at COP28 and will use the exhibition and side events to globally showcase excellent products, services, and initiatives from Japan for combating climate change.

“Daikin Middle East and Africa has worked to promote inverter-equipped, energy-efficient air conditioning systems. As a company with business rooted in the region, we are pleased and honoured to participate in COP28 in Dubai,” said Hasan Önder, President of Daikin Middle East and Africa (seen in featured image).

With a high-efficiency inverter, also known as variable speed technology, the Daikin air conditioner precisely controls the rotation speed of the air conditioner compressor in line with ambient conditions to reduce electric power consumption by more than 50% compared to non-inverter air conditioners.

Today, air conditioners account for about 10% of the world’s total electricity demand, while recent developments in emerging countries have increased energy demand for air conditioners by an average of 4% per year.

The G7 Summit in May 2023 and G20 Energy Transitions Ministers’ Meeting in July 2023 highlighted the importance of enhanced energy efficiency and savings as the ‘first fuel’ to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 at the latest, as well as energy transitions. Energy efficiency is also becoming more pressing internationally, with the International Energy Agency (IEA) indicating the need to double energy efficiency.

While the ratio of air conditioners equipped with energy-saving inverter technology has reached nearly 100% of the market in Japan and Europe, it is still low around the world including in the US, Middle East and Africa, as well as Asia.

To increase its use even further, it is necessary to raise awareness in each country that high-efficiency inverter air conditioners can be introduced immediately, and a significant benefit is that the technology has immediate effects.

Daikin will use the opportunity to appeal to COP participants, such as governments, world leaders and observers, about the advantages of switching to high-efficiency inverter technology.

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