April 18, 2024

Data Privacy Day: A Call to Strengthen Defenses Against AI-Enhanced Cyber Threats

Data Privacy Day serves as an important reminder for IT leaders in all organisations across the Middle East region of the scale of growing cyber threats to their data, as well as the business risks presented by non-compliance with the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape, designed to keep data safeguarded. In line with this year’s theme of ‘Taking Control of your Data,’ the role of Artificial Intelligence, and its relationship to our data protection cannot be overlooked.

While the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the way we manage our data is evident, AI’s swift evolution has given rise to new challenges, notably seen in the surge of autonomous ransomware attacks.

Veritas’ Data Risk Management report revealed that 73% of UAE organisations fell victim to ransomware attacks in the last two years. AI not only enhances threat detection but also empowers cybercriminals to execute sophisticated attacks.

The evolution of AI is also making data privacy compliance more complex, and regional and national regulatory must continue to develop legislative guardrails for public-facing large language models (LLMs) and Generative AI (GenAI). For example, The DIFC recently announced amendments to its existing data protection regulations, with newly added AI provisions being some of the most significant changes.

As the Middle East tightens its data protection frameworks in response to these challenges, it is clear that vigilance and adaptability are not merely optional but essential and are also recognised as critical by individuals. Veritas research on the use of generative AI technologies in professional environments showed that 44% of employees questioned in the UAE understood that using public generative AI tools did introduce greater risks of sensitive information being leaked.

The commitment to principles of ethical AI use in the region, particularly with the UAE’s national strategy for AI, is a testament to the proactive stance being taken. In navigating the intricate balance between leveraging AI for protection and preventing its misuse, the balance struck today will define the security and privacy of our digital tomorrow.

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