June 25, 2024

DGHR organises fundamentalsofgenerative Artificial Intelligence training program for employees

The Dubai Government Human Resources Department (DGHR) organised a training program on the fundamentals of generative artificial intelligence (AI) for its employees. The initiative is part of DGHR’s efforts to enhance its employees’ capabilities and equip them with the latest skills, enabling them to explore new horizons in the modern workspace using Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies and enhance preparedness for the future.

The program allowed the DGHR’s employees to take part in the 01Gov platform, improve their professional competitiveness by becoming familiar with AI tools, and make further contributions to the service’s digital transformation.  Several courses, split into theoretical and practical sections, were part of the program to help employees become more adept at utilising AI and familiarise themselves with the concepts.

His Excellency Abdullah Ali Bin Zayed Al Falasi, Director General of Dubai Government Human Resources Department, highlighted the importance of training courses and the necessity for institutions to equip their teams with progressive skillsets, such as improving their proficiency in generative artificial intelligence applications due to its growing prominence in modern working environment. His Excellency further explained how generative AI is receiving increased attention due to its capacity to create content, text, code, solve algorithms, and offer suggestions and solutions across key sectors, such as health, economy, media, education, and human resources management among others.

H.E. Al Falasi stated: ” As the primary force behind societal development, the human element serves as the most valuable resource for institutions. As a result, the Human Resources Department of the Dubai Government continuously works to equip its cadres with all necessary resources and tools of empowerment. We place a high value on utilising the newest innovations and technologies to boost performance and efficiency, and generative AI is a vital tool in this regard. The initiative enables the government’s Human Resources sector to stay abreast of the demands of the modern age and prepare for potential changes. It can lead to a qualitative change in overall work efficiency and management planning, which will strengthen Dubai’s position as a leader in technological development and managerial effectiveness. Likewise, we also believe this could result in improved decision-making and more precise data analysis.”

The program also demonstrated the potential of generative AI in bringing about a substantial change across a broad range of industries and driving innovation in a variety of fields, thereby enabling human resources to focus on core tasks. Courses in the program covered the use of AI and related applications to streamline and enhance workflows, apply AI to human resources management, and drive innovation in short- and long-term tasks alike. The Department further seeks to remain current with the areas of data processing and institutional work where artificial intelligence – especially generative AI – is becoming increasingly important.

By linking AI’s use to the Department’s corporate vision and strategic goals, the program sought to give DGHR employees a comprehensive understanding of the technology’s benefits and uses. DGHR’s training program for employees concluded with the Human Resources Hackathon ‘The Future of Human Resources,’ which aligned with the Department’s goals for the future of Dubai’s government work system. This entails supporting innovation within the government’s Human Resources sector and assisting in the development of skilled leaders.

The training was set up in response to the growing importance of generative artificial intelligence and its applications, especially in assisting companies across various industries in streamlining their work processes. The program is the latest addition to the training courses organised by DGHR to strengthen employee productivity and keep abreast of the latest advances in institutional work and human resources management.

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