May 21, 2024
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DHL Marks 20-Year Milestone As F1’s Logistics Partner

Logistics Firm Aims To Go Net-Zero By 2025

DHL commemorates its 20-year partnership with Formula 1 as the sport’s Official Logistics Partner. This renewal of vows, signed in February 2024, reaffirms DHL’s pivotal role in the seamless execution of worldwide FIA Formula 1 World Championship events.

With a legacy of four decades in motorsports logistics, DHL stands tall as Formula 1’s longest-serving global partner. This is a testament to the logistics provider’s journey of transformation and sustainability initiatives coordinated with the sport’s evolution.

The 20th-anniversary milestone coincides with Formula 1’s ambitious calendar for the season, featuring a record-breaking 24 races, symbolic of the sport’s unwavering popularity.

Yet, amidst this expansion, Formula 1 remains steadfast in its commitment to environmental stewardship, which is evident in its strategic efforts to minimise its carbon footprint.

DHL, aligning with this vision, champions sustainable logistics practices and employs multimodal solutions to uphold environmental responsibility.

Biofuel Trucks

In a remarkable feat last year across Europe, DHL introduced a fleet of biofuel-powered trucks, resulting in an impressive 83% reduction in emissions compared to conventional diesel vehicles.

Building upon this success, the current season witnesses a significant upscaling, with the number of biofuel-driven trucks more than doubling to 37, poised to mitigate environmental impact further.

Moreover, DHL leverages fuel-efficient Boeing 777 aircraft in air freight operations, slashing emissions by 17% compared to traditional counterparts, underscoring the joint commitment of DHL and Formula 1 towards a greener future.

The Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix 2024, staged from May 3-5, marked the inauguration of three races in the United States, a testament to DHL’s expertise in motorsports logistics.

With Formula 1 freight traversing over 12,874km from Shanghai to Miami, DHL orchestrated a complex logistical ballet, seamlessly integrating air and sea transport modalities.

A substantial portion of the equipment, meticulously packaged in multiple sea freight kits, undertook a transoceanic journey, complemented by air shipments directly from China to Florida after the Chinese Grand Prix.

This logistical choreography, orchestrated by DHL, underpins the smooth execution of Formula 1 events. Up to 1,400 tons of high-value freight traverse continents with precision, including race cars, tyres, spare parts, fuel, broadcast equipment, and hospitality paraphernalia.

Jonny Haworth, Director of Commercial Partnerships at Formula 1, extolled DHL’s pivotal role.

“As our longest-standing partner, DHL has become such a crucial part of the delivery of our events, so we’re delighted to continue that successful collaboration for many more years.”

Towards Sustainability

Haworth highlighted the symbiotic journey towards sustainability and emphasised DHL’s instrumental support in Formula 1’s transition, echoing the sentiments of Paul Fowler, Vice President of Global Motorsports Logistics at DHL Global Forwarding.

Fowler underscored the collaborative pursuit of Formula 1’s net-zero goal, emphasising DHL’s commitment to innovative green solutions.

As the world races towards sustainability, DHL has set its sights on a net-zero horizon by 2050, with interim milestones delineating the roadmap towards sustainable operations.

DHL Express is spearheading fleet electrification efforts in the Americas. Over 400 electric vehicles are currently operational, and an additional 200 are on order, representing a testament to DHL’s commitment to a greener future.

With investments exceeding $30 million over the past five years, DHL’s electrification drive underscores its dedication to sustainability across all fronts.

In the nexus of motorsports and logistics, the enduring partnership between DHL and Formula 1 emerges as a testament to logistical prowess and a beacon of sustainable innovation, illuminating the path towards a greener, more sustainable future for both industries.

Featured image: DHL and Formula 1 representatives at the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix 2024. Credit: DHL

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