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July 20, 2024

DIFC Innovation Hub welcomes powerful AI marketing

Webidoo, an award-winning AI company developing innovative marketing and growth solutions for multinational brands and SMEs, has established its Middle East and Africa (MEA) headquarters at the DIFC Innovation Hub. Leaning powerfully on its three key pillars to unify, simplify and accelerate digital transformation, Webidoo solutions are designed to demystify technology and focus on growth and effectiveness.

Giovanni Farese, Co-Founder and Global General Manager, Webidoo International, said: “At Webidoo, we believe that AI is a catalyst for unprecedented economic growth and job creation. It has the power to redefine existing industries and create entirely new business models, much like the internet did decades ago, but we recognize the hesitancy and uncertainty that comes with rapid evolution. So our mission is to help businesses navigate this change with confidence, utilizing our deep-rooted knowledge in marketing and innovation to do so. With our R&D anchored in the US and a worldwide pool of talent, we are excited to enter the MEA region and be part of the thriving innovation ecosystem at DIFC.”

Webidoo maintains strong ties with top-tier research and academic bodies. The company’s AI Lab provides in-house innovation programs for multinational brands and agencies. It also offers a unique “mid-sourcing” agency model with large-scale, AI-powered content and media factories to manage high volume marketing requirements globally. And, Webidoo Chain, a cutting-edge enterprise division, develops Web 3 solutions and training around AR, VR, AI, metaverse, NFT, blockchain and data integrity.

Webidoo’s solutions for small and medium businesses include Jooice, a patent-applied-for AI tool which enables SMEs to meet all of their marketing needs with one, easy-to-use and cost-effective solution. Powered by Welpy, Webidoo’s in-house AI marketing assistant, Jooice offers a one-stop solution for advertising, ecommerce, social media, listings and reviews, online reputation, and other marketing functions. Additionally, Webidoo offers WebiExport, a platform empowering SMEs to connect with leading online marketplaces, such as Alibaba.com, to expand their international footprint.

Mohammad Alblooshi, CEO of DIFC Innovation Hub, said: “The dynamic AI and Web 3 ecosystem within the DIFC Innovation Hub, offers unmatched facilities, comprehensive networking prospects and gateways to innovation. Webidoo’s track record of award-winning marketing and growth solutions reflects a deep commitment to simplifying and accelerating digital transformation, making it universally accessible. We are eager to welcome Webidoo into our ecosystem and are enthusiastic about the contributions they are poised to make. Our strategic alliance will include knowledge sharing and joint initiatives to support the adoption of AI and Web3 technologies in marketing and growth across strategic sectors.”

Webidoo leads a synergistic ecosystem, partnering with banks, telecommunications companies, economic and trade bodies, and agency networks. Its investors include Banca Generali (8a+) and TIM Ventures. The global Advisory Board for Webidoo includes prominent figures such as Bibop Gresta, co-founder of Hyperloop; Martina Dlabajova, Member of the European Parliament; Enrico Deluchi, CEO at PoliHub Innovation Park & Startup Accelerator; Fernando G. Alberti, Head of Strategique, an international think tank based at Harvard, Dr. Devid Jegerson, COO, InvestBank; and Stefano Favale, Executive Director and Head of Global Transaction Banking at Intesa Sanpaolo.

Commenting on the regional launch, Ketaki Banga, CEO and Co-Founder Webidoo MEA, reiterates the company’s commitment to nurturing strong alliances in the region, “The Middle East is leading in innovation and preparedness for AI, guided by its forward-thinking leaders. Establishing our MEA headquarters in the UAE allows us to engage with this dynamic environment that promotes and champions innovative, transformative efforts. We are excited to forge strong regional partnerships, including our key alliance with DIFC Innovation Hub, educational institutes, AI and technology companies, and regional startups to collaborate on AI readiness in the region.”

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