June 13, 2024

Diligent Announces Enterprise Risk Management Dashboard Powered by Moody’s Proprietary Data

Diligent, a leading GRC SaaS company, today announced a first-of-its-kind Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) dashboard powered by industry-leading market data from Moody’s (NYSE: MCO), the leading source of relevant insights on exponential risk. The dashboard will help Chief Risk Officers, Chief Financial Officers, general counsel and other risk professionals monitor critical risk factors, aggregate findings and present a clear and comprehensive report to the board to drive informed decisions and long-term success for the organization.

The ERM dashboard complements the recent launch of Board Reporting for ERM from Diligent, which provides organizations with a clear and consistent view of their internal risk posture. Together, leaders can gain a comprehensive understanding of both internal and external risk to drive decision making.

“As a board member, the ability to gain a clear picture of risks — from ESG or operational risks to supplier and competitor risks, market fluctuations, and financial health – is enormously useful,” said Patricia Galloway, Board Director at Stantec and Chairman of Pegasus Global Holding, Inc. “To me, the ability for practitioners to easily collect and collate risk data, and then present it in a way that tells a clear story of an organization’s external risk footprint, complemented by internal risk data, is what really sets this apart.”

“We’re thrilled to join forces with Moody’s to help organizations gain greater transparency into their risk identification and mitigation efforts against a complex and fluid risk landscape,” said Brian Stafford, President and CEO of Diligent. “The dashboard will make it easier for CFOs, GCs and risk professionals to pre-emptively identify risks lurking in the market and value chain, gain clearer visibility into potential exposure to operational and financial risks; and improve board and executive communication with clear and concise reporting.”

Leveraging powerful proprietary data from Moody’s along with the ability to add valuable internal risk data aggregated from Diligent, the ERM dashboard provides:

  • A holistic view of external risk with access to Moody’s data including credit risk assessments, supplier performance risks scores, credit sentiment scores and country risk index.
  • Data-driven decision-making to pre-emptively identify risk and enhance oversight, leveraging insights from Moody’s comprehensive data sets.
  • Effortless reporting to the C-suite and board, streamlining communication and delivering clear and concise insights to foster proactive risk management strategies.

“Navigating exponential risk in today’s dynamic business landscape is a key priority for today’s business leaders,” said David Platt, Chief Strategic Development Officer at Moody’s. “The ERM dashboard combines Moody’s vast and proprietary data estate with Diligent’s advanced technology to provide a comprehensive view of risks, empowering leaders to make informed decisions that help decode risk and unlock opportunity.”

Visit us here to learn more about the ERM dashboard with Moody’s.

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