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July 18, 2024

Discover Genève Genève: A Vibrant Summer Festival of Creativity

The City of Geneva, the Canton of Geneva, and the esteemed “Fez Genève” Association are delighted to unveil a grand new summer event: the Genève Genève Festival. This vibrant event will take place from August 14 to 18, 2024, and promises to be an extraordinary celebration of culture, community, and creativity.

The festival aims to dissolve the barriers between organisers and spectators, crafting a seamless and vibrant experience for Genevans, tourists, and visitors alike. This celebration breathes life into the city, welcoming all—residents, visitors, workers, educators, performers, and more who contribute to the vibrant tapestry of daily Geneva life.

Reflecting on the festival’s inclusive spirit, Marie Barbey-Chappuis, Administrative Advisor for the Department of Security and Sports, shared, “Following the tremendous success of Feu Ô Lac last year, we wanted to once again offer a major summer event that brings together the entire community, this time allowing a private association to design an original programme.”

Delphine Bachmann, head of the Canton’s Department of Economy and Employment, emphasised the festival’s economic impact, noting, “This event will undoubtedly enhance Geneva’s visibility as a destination, benefitting our local economy.”

Genève Genève promises an array of activities to captivate audiences of all ages. From the quays to the water, the festival will feature concerts, dance nights, performing arts, children’s activities, local gastronomy, and a unique lakeside spectacle. All activities and concerts will be free of charge, ensuring accessibility for everyone.

The Genève Genève Festival will unfold across several Harbor locations: Jardin Anglais, Rotonde du Mont-Blanc, Platform de la Machine, and Quai Général-Guisan. The City of Geneva will continue sponsoring events integrated into the program, including the Soapbox Race on Avenue de France, the Rollerskate Party and Paddle Parade on Quai Wilson, and the Jass Tournament on Quai General Guisan. The Jardin Anglais, serving as the festival’s green lung, will host concerts by Geneva’s top artists, food and drink stalls, and playful spaces with a Ferris wheel and small train. The Rotonde du Mont-Blanc will transform into a vibrant dance hub where visitors can learn swing, salsa, or afro-house steps in the afternoon and dance to lively concerts in the evening. At Quai Général-Guisan, nestled in a secluded harbour cove, festivalgoers can rediscover their love for music with classical performances by Geneva’s finest ensembles, offering a rich repertoire that captivates listeners without the need for a grand theatre backdrop.

The festival will culminate in a spectacular show on the water in front of Plage des Eaux-Vives. Co-organised and co-financed by the Canton of Geneva and the City of Geneva, with support from private sponsors, the show will feature visual effects, music, and elements from two performances of approximately 45 minutes each, scheduled for August 16 and 17 at 10 p.m. The show, produced by the Mapping Festival, promises to be a mesmerising highlight of Genève Genève.

Geneva’s commitment to the environment, fair working conditions for all collaborators and artists, and the joy of offering an inclusive, high-quality festival experience remains steadfast.

Genève Genève promises a celebration that transcends boundaries and brings our community together in the heart of the city cherished by all.

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