May 28, 2024
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Dubai Is The Host City Of ‘Global AI Show’

AI Community Networks On April 16-17, 2024

VAP Group is set to host the highly anticipated ‘Global AI Show’ at the Grand Hyatt, Dubai, from April 16 to 17, 2024. The event, co-located with the equally significant ‘Global Blockchain Show Dubai,’ is being held under the patronage of Omar Sultan Al Olama, UAE Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy & Remote Work Applications Office.

‘Middle East News 247’ is a Regional Media Partner of Global Al Show 2024.

With the UAE Cyber Security Council as a strategic partner, the two-day industry event will feature 300+ speakers on six stages, with a record of 150+ C-Suite keynotes lined up.

The lineup of speakers includes a diverse range of thought leaders and innovators, such as Sophia, the humanoid robot from Hanson Robotics; Jamie Metzi, futurist and author of Hacking Darwin; Dr Mohamed Al Kuwaiti, Head of Cyber Security, UAE government; Muhammad Uzair, CIO, PepsiCo EMEA; Dr Divya Chander, neuroscientist and medial futurist; Tamer Hamed, CIO, Ducab; and Gary Marcus, Emeritus Professor of Psychology & Neural Science at NYU, scientist and best-selling author.

Subjects coming up for discussion at the event include the misconceptions of Generative AI, Business conversational AI, the era of multi-modal Generative AI, AI leadership and human governance, Distinguishing between the hype and progress in AI, and AI in Healthcare—hijacking the human brain.

Global AI Show 2024, a pivotal event in the Middle East’s AI industry, will feature seven distinct show areas – parallel with Global Blockchain Show Dubai 2024 – each offering a unique perspective on AI and blockchain innovation.

Blockchain Arena

The Blockchain Arena will host renowned speakers, keynotes, and debates, delving into topics such as blockchain technology, Web3, crypto, global regulations, and the evolution of the digital ecosystem.

Attendees can expect insightful discussions on blockchain’s potential to revolutionise industries and drive real-world impact. They can also explore the next evolution of the internet with discussions on Web3, decentralised applications, and the decentralised web.

Moreover, sessions will delve into financial ecosystems like CeFi and DeFi, exploring opportunities and challenges in banking, investing, and beyond.

Blockchain Innovation Hub

The Blockchain Innovation Hub will showcase advanced applications, case studies, and industry spotlights, shedding light on groundbreaking projects and disruptive applications across various industries.

This presents a prime opportunity for attendees to dissect compelling case studies, unravel the potential of emerging technologies, and navigate the regulatory landscape shaping the future of finance and beyond.

Startup Village

The Startup Village is an unmissable opportunity for startups to gain exposure, connect with investors, and showcase innovations.

Through power pitches, investor panels, and big tech panels, startups can secure meetings, connections, and investment opportunities while gaining insights into industry trends and innovations.

Gen Z Stage

The Gen Z Stage provides a unique opportunity to connect with globally renowned influencers and leading voices in blockchain and AI.

Here, top names delve into trending topics, offering insights and opening the floor to discussions on what lies ahead. Through their powerful platforms, they play a pivotal role in shaping the narrative and future of technology.

Community Stage

The Community Stage is a vibrant hub for community-driven dialogues facilitated by industry experts and enthusiastic participants. Here, attendees engage in immersive discussions, share insights, and forge collaborations at the forefront of blockchain and AI innovation.

It is a melting pot where diverse perspectives influence the industry’s trajectory. Participants can showcase their communities’ brilliance and interact with a global audience alongside industry luminaries.

AI Arena

With Sophia, the humanoid robot from Hanson Robotics, as the event’s official AI and Blockchain Ambassador, the AI Arena features exceptional headliners, keynotes, and engaging debates covering groundbreaking AI topics such as AI governance, AI in healthcare and finance, and envisioning the future with AI.

Attendees will join leading experts and visionaries to unravel the mysteries and potential of AI.

From revolutionary advancements in machine learning to grappling with the ethical considerations of AI implementation, the keynote speakers at AI Arena will delve into every aspect of this transformative technology.

Attendees will embark on a journey into the future with futurists, government officials, scientists, business leaders, and trailblazers as they explore the limitless possibilities of AI on the main stage.

AI Innovation Hub

The AI Innovation Hub serves as a realm where innovation intersects with transformation. Featuring exceptional advancements from sectors such as energy, retail, and e-commerce, participants can explore the forefront of technology and embark on a journey through many global case studies highlighting AI’s unparalleled potential.


Through VAP Group’s innovative blockchain-powered matchmaking, attendees can efficiently network through one-to-one, sponsor, custom, and speaker meetings, fostering meaningful interactions and collaborations that can shape the industry’s future.

Global AI Show 2024 participants will network with an AI community spanning 120 countries, engage with decision-makers, enhance brand visibility, and launch new products.

Moreover, Global AI Show 2024 attendees will have exclusive access to the Global Blockchain Show Dubai 2024, the co-located event boasting over 5,000 attendees and 20+ solution providers. This co-located event presents a unique opportunity to showcase solutions, forge new partnerships, and expand networks within the emerging AI and blockchain landscape.

Global AI Show 2024 participants breakup: Corporates and enterprise (41%), technology (26%), startups (11%), investors (8%), governments (5%), consulting (5%), independent developers (2%), and academics (2%).

Conference Themes

Groundbreaking AI: A world of abundance with endless possibilities stands before us as we pave the way for imagination and curiosity to turn into reality with exponential innovation. Get ready to meet futurists and visionaries who are not only inspiring a new technological era but creating one where the realms and realities of new unthinkable possibilities are already within reach, with world-first trials, applications, and breakthroughs in AI.

Generative AI: From a world where AI was not accessible to all to a world where AI has become steadfast at every conjuncture, playing into everyone’s curiosity with the magnitude of generative AI tools. We bring experts to the stage to dissect the realities, possibilities and pitfalls so you can build the ‘lessons learned’ into your AI strategy.

AI Governance: Mapping essential components of effective governance frameworks is critical as the world unites to develop and operate more responsible AI. Experts lead essential discussions on establishing standards for ethical AI practices and risk management strategies to enhance transparency and safety and safeguard against potential pitfalls.

A Future With AI: Get a front-row seat into the extraordinary new world we are about to live in with groundbreaking AI developments that will give us an exciting vision of a very near future with AI. From our world to our people, we will dive into the minds creating super-smart cities, robotics, and intelligent machines, all the way to world-leading neuroscientists who are at the forefront of brain mapping and making the impossible possible in healthcare.

AI In Healthcare: With world-firsts on stage, we spotlight the most advanced developments in healthcare, where the intersection of technology and AI drive us closer to what was otherwise impossible. From DNA hacking to real-life examples of disrupting the brain circuitry, we take you on a journey where humans and intelligent machines are revolutionising how we diagnose, treat, and prevent diseases.

AI In Energy: Discover how AI is harnessed to unlock new possibilities in energy. Hear about outstanding developments in how AI-driven simulations model scenarios and responses to oil spills or hydrocarbon leaks, helping companies develop more effective emergency response plans and train their personnel accordingly.

AI In Finance: At the intersection of finance and AI technology, hear from the leading regional and international financial institutions and share insights on how they are disrupting the fibre of one of the world’s oldest industries. Be privy to exclusive talks on how AI redefines customer service, optimises trading and money management, fuelling more effective regulatory compliance, security and fraud prevention, and builds the next-gen user experience.

AI In Retail & E-Commerce: Leading industry experts take the stage with real-life applications and outstanding outcomes to share unmissable insights, tips and strategies to help you navigate AI partnerships, models, capabilities and opportunities in retail and e-commerce.

Awards 2024

The Global AI Show 2024 will culminate with the inaugural Global AI Awards 2024, honouring excellence and innovation in AI and ML.

Award categories include Emerging AI Technology of the Year, Best AI Achievement in Healthcare, Best AI Achievement in Finance, Best AI Achievement in E-Commerce, Best AI Achievement in Energy & Utilities, Best AI Achievement in Government & Public Sector, Best AI Achievement in Telecommunications, Best Conversational AI Tool, Best AI Use Case in Gaming, Outstanding Data and Predictive Analytics Tool, Data Scientist of the Year, Best AI Community, AI Start-up of the Year, Outstanding Technology Leader of the Year, Global AI Influencer of the Year, Best AI Achievement in Cybersecurity, AI Product of the Year, AI Visionary of the Year, Best Next-Gen Robotics Innovation, and AI-Powered Retail Innovation Award.

To book tickets for Global AI Show 2024:

Global AI Show 2024 takes place a week before GISEC Global 2024, scheduled at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Featured image: Global AI Show 2024 flyer. Credit: VAP Group

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