June 16, 2024

Dubai Municipality announces winners of ‘Dubai’s Best Homegrown Produce Competition’

Dubai Municipality announced the three winners of ‘Dubai’s Best Homegrown Produce Competition,’ which aims to promote a culture of sustainable agriculture through the production of agricultural products and crops at home. The initiative was launched to raise community awareness of the latest practices and techniques in modern, sustainable agriculture.

The competition was introduced by the Municipality in March of 2024 as one of the initiatives under ‘Dubai Farms,’ a program that aims to support citizens who are successful agricultural entrepreneurs, encourage local agriculture to boost local production and improve food security in the Emirate of Dubai, in line with the objectives of Dubai Social Agenda 33.

In keeping with Dubai Municipality’s commitment to fostering community practices, the competition encouraged citizens to promote sustainable agriculture for its vital role in supporting food security, self-sufficiency, and the preservation of environmental resources. This commitment further aligns with the objectives of the National Food Security Strategy, as well as the Dubai Food Security Strategy, which seeks to enhance domestic production and reduce food loss and wastage, thereby solidifying Dubai’s position as a leading destination that seamlessly blends environmental and food sustainability.

Innovative Practices

The winning gardens adopted the most cutting-edge and innovative methods and practices in modern agriculture, which are in line with the national strategic goals for food security, sustainability, and clean energy. As part of the initiative, the Municipality addressed the competition’s positive impact on communities, and its success in promoting local participation in the development of sustainable and self-sufficient societies.

Advanced Agricultural Systems

Dr. Sultana Osman Yousef Suleiman’s Garden, located in District 1, Jumeirah, came in first place and was awarded AED 50,000, in addition to a ‘Medal of Dubai’s Best Homegrown Produce,’ which was presented by the Dubai Municipal Leaders. Dr. Sultana’s garden met several requirements, including the cultivation of multiple fruit and vegetable varieties using aeroponic systems, which are among the latest agricultural systems used. The garden also employs an advanced system for cooling greenhouses, a water treatment and recycling system, as well as bacteria to improve the quality of irrigation water, all of which contributed to its success. In addition, the garden features a drying system for agricultural products, distinctive distillation system for aromatic plants.

Furthermore, the garden was distinguished by its advanced drying system for agricultural products and a unique distillation system for aromatic plants. Additionally, it boasted a trademark that represented the garden and its commitment to sharing agricultural knowledge and culture.

Agricultural Diversity

Ms. Naeema Mohammed Al Amiri’s garden in Al Garhoud secured the second position, with a cash award of AED 30,000. The innovative aquaponic system and abundance of plant species made this garden a top pick for the panellists. The garden features lakes for fish and fountains, and since the water from the lake has a significant nutrient content, it is recycled and used as fertiliser which greatly benefits the plants. Moreover, the garden is equipped with an advanced underground irrigation system that effectively minimises water wastage and evaporation. The garden’s ecosystem is further enhanced by an apiary, which plays a crucial role in pollinating plants and producing honey and meshes seamlessly with the landscaping.

Sustainable Practices

The third place and a prize of AED 20,000 went to Mr. Jamal Abdullah Almuheiri’s garden in Nad Al Sheba 2. Mr. Almheiri’s garden showcases a range of cutting-edge agricultural techniques that produce a wide range of fruits and vegetables. Notably, his garden stands out for its cultivation of Azolla, a feed source for poultry and livestock. By using a gravity-powered hydroponic system, Almheiri can produce high-quality dried produce, while also conserving energy. The panellists found this approach to be particularly noteworthy as it complies with the highest health and safety standards.

A total of 109 participated in the contest, out of which 12 qualified for the final stage. Out of these finalists, three winners were selected based on a set of technical and specialized standards. The Dubai Municipality has actively encouraged residents’ agricultural endeavors by offering valuable resources and support. These initiatives aim to promote sustainable agriculture among citizens, as well as increase the contribution of small-scale home agricultural projects to the GDP of the Emirate.

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