February 26, 2024

Dubai Municipality appoints 140 citizens as part of ‘Our Human Resources, Our Pride’ initiative in 2023

Dubai Municipality has hired nearly 140 Emiratis from a range of disciplines, including engineering, technical, and administrative, as part of its ‘Our Human Resources, Our Pride’ initiative in 2023. The initiative aims to increase the percentage of Emiratization in the technical and field areas associated with municipal fields of work.

The latest move is in line with the objectives and strategies of the Emiratization process in the UAE. ‘Our Human Resources, Our Pride initiative by the Municipality is designed to provide employees with the requisite skills, knowledge, and expertise to further improve their professional and personal growth.

Wesam Lootah, CEO of Corporate Support Services Sector, highlighted how Dubai Municipality places a major emphasis on attracting a significant number of Emirati competencies and talents. Lootah stated that the Municipality is committed to hiring specialized and university cadres and training them, with the goal of effectively enhancing human resources and moving forward with its various goals.

Lootah Said: “Dubai Municipality has been successful in effectively raising the Emiratization percentage within its workforce through the ‘Our Human Resources, Our Pride’ initiative. More than 140 Emiratis have been recruited by the Municipality across various positions, ranging from inspectors and controllers of construction, food safety, and health and safety operations, since 2019.”

In addition, Lootah emphasized that the Municipality is making constant efforts to empower its human resources with a stable and sustainable workplace where they can advance their knowledge and expertise to become a key pillar in their areas of work.

Dubai Municipality also recruited numerous Emirati cadres in the previous year through the Ru’ya (Careers UAE) exhibition and the ‘Open Day for Employment’ event organised at the Municipality’s vocational training academy.

In addition, the Municipality has unveiled numerous innovative initiatives and programs, including the ‘Future Talents’ for scholarship, ‘Future competencies’ for summer training in the various disciplines of the Municipality, and ‘Pioneers’ for fresh graduates. All these initiatives aim to provide students and university graduates with a range of professional opportunities. These programs are also targeted at training graduates in the technical and professional fields within the Municipality’s work. Along with these initiatives, the Municipality has launched a series of training programs aimed at developing the abilities and skills of its young leadership.

Notably, Dubai Municipality secured the ‘GCC GOV HR Award 2023’ in the category of ‘Best GCC Emiratization Initiative,’ in recognition of its dedicated efforts to hire Emirati cadres, develop their specialized and practical skills, as well as retain talent.

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