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July 18, 2024

Dubai Municipality opens registrations for first edition of DM Food Elite Program

Dubai Municipality has opened submissions for the first edition of the DM Food Elite, Dubai Municipality’s latest program to honour food establishments in the Emirate for their excellence in standards for food safety, nutrition, sustainability, social responsibility, and innovation. The primary goal is to encourage these food enterprises to continue surpassing and raising the standard of living in the Emirate.

Sultan Al Taher, Director of Food Safety Department at Dubai Municipality, emphasized that the program is the result of the Municipality’s continuous efforts and steadfast commitment to creating a sustainable food system. Al Taher also confirmed that the food system incorporates exceptional health and food safety requirements that strengthens Dubai’s position as a sustainable city ensuring excellent living standards as well as guarantees compliance with the highest international standards for safety and sustainability. The program’s primary objective is to honor and recognize food organizations and entities that have made significant contributions to the advancement of this system and bolstering Dubai’s status as a global trade hub in support of the objectives of the Dubai Food Security Strategy.”

Categories and Standards

Al Taher stated: “Al Taher stated: “The program will recognize food businesses from three distinct categories. Three restaurants each will be selected from independent dine-in restaurants; restaurants that are a part of hotels; and fast-food outlets and cafeteria. The food establishments will be evaluated and selected based on five specific criteria, which include measures taken to foster a robust food safety culture, commitment to nutrition, health and sustainability initiatives of the government, and measures such as digital adoption and innovation in business.”

The sustainability standard entails indicators, including environmental responsibility, social impact, and governance practices. Meanwhile, the standard for food safety excellence culture incorporates indicators such as management commitment to food safety, proactive measures taken to ensure food safety all along the supply chain. Technology and innovation criteria will food on the efforts taken by the food businesses to maintain advanced traceability and transparency in food supply, data-driven insights, and decision-making.

Registration Platform

Food establishments that are interested in participating in the program can submit their registration applications through the program’s online website. The program is open for submissions until June 30, 2024, and can be accessed through the registration link at

DM Food Elite Program was launched by Dubai Municipality during the 17th edition of Dubai International Food Safety Conference, which was held between December 11 and 13, 2023, under the theme ‘Impact of Climate Change on Food Safety’.

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