April 19, 2024

Dubai’s Community Spirit Shines with Ellington’s Ramadan Food Drive

As the holy month of Ramadan nears its conclusion, Ellington Properties, in collaboration with the UAE Food Bank, wraps up its month-long food-sharing initiative, showcasing the power of community involvement. What makes this campaign truly remarkable is the proactive engagement of residents, who volunteered to maintain the food stock in the refrigerators, ensuring abundant food was always available for those in need.

The campaign aimed to address food insecurity during Ramadan with strategically placed refrigerators across prime residences in Dubai, including DT1 in Downtown Dubai and Belgravia 2, Belgravia 3, Harrington House, and Belgravia Heights in Jumeirah Village Circle. These fridges were stocked with essential food items, water, and juices during Iftar and accessible to all individuals and families during the holy month.

Residents and expats across these locations have expressed heartfelt appreciation for the initiative’s impact, with individuals like Amjad Ali, a Deliveroo driver in the area, noting how the food fridges helped him break his fast during busy work hours. “The food fridges (initiative) helped me break my fast. I passed by the community and saw it (fridges), and since I didn’t have time to prepare food for Iftar as I was still working, they were kind enough to share the meals with me,” said Amjad Ali. 

Moreover, community workers found solace in gathering around the refrigerators during Iftar, which fostered a sense of togetherness. “Seeing my colleagues so happy and excited to open head to the refrigerators and break their fast made me happy too. I’d like to thank Ellington for such a kind initiative.” said Darmender, the Construction Supervisor at Downtown, near DT1.

The heartwarming initiative not only brought joy to the neighbourhood but also inspired residents to support each other, reflecting the spirit of generosity. 

The community’s engagement continued further as residents volunteered to maintain the food stock in the refrigerators, ensuring abundant food was always available for those in need. Lewis William Bass, a resident at the Belgravia Heights in JVC, said, “Despite being strangers, all the residents in this neighbourhood came together to participate in this campaign, providing food during Iftar. We really appreciate this activity by Ellington Properties and UAE Food Bank and thank them for the initiative.” 

Community engagement initiatives, like those led by Ellington Properties, are pivotal in fortifying bonds among residents and nurturing a positive communal atmosphere. These endeavours persist well beyond Ramadan, underscoring an unwavering dedication to well-being through continual sponsorship of charitable organisations and provision of meals within localities. 

As Ramadan concludes, the triumph of such endeavours underscores the UAE community’s resilience and generosity. It reiterates its pledge to aid those in need during this special time of year.

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