February 26, 2024

Dwight School Dubai Incorporates Emerging Trends in IB Curriculum

Dwight School Dubai, a leading International Baccalaureate (IB) Continuum School in Dubai, integrates emerging educational trends into its curriculum, to help students thrive in today’s evolving global landscape. It has incorporated innovative teaching methodologies, personalized student learning journeys, and 21st-century skills within the classroom to provide transformative educational experiences that support the development of agile global citizens of the future.

Dwight School Dubai’s ‘Approaches to Learning’ skills empower students to monitor their own academic achievements. These include the five key principles of ‘Thinking, Communication, Self-Management, Research Skills, and Social Skills.’ It identifies the increasing significance of Science and Technology subjects in shaping student learning skills, and strategically incorporates a hands-on inquiry-based learning approach, ensuring students are well-equipped to explore future career opportunities.

The school’s design facilities feature 3D printers, laser cutters, drills, heat press, pewter caster, belt sander, vacuum former, CNC router and sublimation printer, ensuring students are well prepared for the evolving demands of the professional landscape. Dwight School Dubai also boasts five cutting-edge science labs, each equipped with the latest technology, and has embedded Science programs within extra-curricular activities to strengthen student understanding of STEAM subjects all-round.

Dwight School Dubai’s Arts Programme connects students from across the world with a global network of educators, offering a holistic learning process that goes beyond the realm of the classroom. In February 2024, Dwight School Dubai will tap into its global network of schools as students from across the world collaborate to celebrate their creative spark. Here they will showcase their musical talents, with student-led performances during the Dwight Global Concert, hosted at the Dubai campus.

Committed to the development of every student, Dwight School Dubai has also launched its innovative ‘Spark Project Scheme’, which offers students from the Middle Years Programme (MYP) the opportunity to engage in projects that highlight their unique abilities and interests, fostering a sense of individuality and purpose. This supports in developing independent life-long learners and global citizens who can navigate an increasingly complex world.

Dwight School Dubai also maintains a commitment to continuous improvement through its robust teacher training programs. Teachers can choose from a variety of support sessions tailored to their needs and interests, ensuring they stay informed and proficient in implementing emerging trends within the IB framework. These include literacy in practical subjects, getting to know the curriculum, creating substitution grids for English as a foreign language (EAL) and quest students, and cognitive academic language proficiency (CALP).

“Embracing emerging trends in education is imperative for shaping students’ learning journeys. At Dwight School Dubai, we prioritize equipping our students with future skills and encourage their spark of genius, which is essential for the evolving job landscape of the future. With our 150-year educational heritage, we are committed to providing students with the best foundation for success post-16, and keeping abreast of the latest trends that help to shape them into cultural agile global citizens,” concludes David Hutson, Head of Dwight School Dubai.

For further information on Dwight School Dubai’s sustainable practices and projects, please visit, www.dwight.ae  

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