June 26, 2024
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Exclusive ‘Eccentrica Diablo’ Hypercar Debuts In Dubai

As Restomod Creation Of Emanuel Colombini

One of only 19 Lamborghini Diablo legacy models worldwide – scheduled for customised restoration – has been unveiled at the Pupil of Fate Motors luxury car showroom in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The unveiling on May 10, 2024, of the one-of-a-kind 1990 ‘Eccentrica Diablo’, meticulously crafted by the acclaimed Eccentrica team in Italy, as a restomod project, marks a significant moment in the Middle East’s luxury automotive landscape.

The event has given rise to a rare opportunity for Pupil of Fate Motors’ clientele to acquire the highly acclaimed supercar with a top speed of 335kmph and acceleration from 0-100kmph in 3.8 seconds.

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Lamborghini produced only 900 Diablo coupe, first edition models between 1990 and 1994. The average price at the time was AED1,122,400 ($305,000).

Exceptional Metamorphosis

The newly revealed two-seat Diablo, a symbol of speed and artistry, has undergone an exceptional metamorphosis under Eccentrica’s skilled hands in San Marino, Italy.

Emanuel Colombini with the ‘Eccentrica Diablo’ in Dubai on May 10, 2024. Credit: Arnold Pinto

While retaining Diablo’s timeless allure, Eccentric has injected it with modern performance enhancements, including a first-ever V12 restomod process, a naturally aspirated engine delivering 550 HP, and bespoke leather and Alcantara interiors.

This fusion of classic and contemporary has earned Eccentrica’s latest automotive masterpiece worldwide recognition even before its grand entrance into the Middle East.

The ‘Eccentrica Diablo’ on May 10, 2024, in Dubai. Credit: Pupil of Fate Motors/Eccentrica

Pupil of Fate Motors, the Middle East region’s largest luxury car showroom, now hosts this automotive masterpiece, symbolising nostalgia and innovation.

Emanuel Colombini, a passionate supercar collector and renowned entrepreneur in the world of interior design spearheading Eccentrica’s V12 restomod venture, expressed his passion for the Eccentrica Diablo project.

The ‘Eccentrica Diablo’ in Dubai. Credit: Pupil of Fate Motors/Eccentrica

He said: “Reimagining the Diablo was not merely about resurrecting a car but elevating it to meet contemporary technological sophistication while preserving its legendary essence.”

Dubai’s Standing

The debut of the Eccentrica Diablo at Pupil of Fate Motors underscores Eccentrica’s dedication to excellence and belief in Dubai’s unique luxury market.

The Diablo’s groundbreaking enhancements set Eccentrica apart, including a first-ever V12 restomod process, a naturally aspirated engine delivering 550 HP, and bespoke leather and Alcantara interiors.

Part of the hypercar’s unique features are its pop-down headlights. Credit: Pupil of Fate Motors/Eccentrica

Only 19 Lamborghini Diablo donor cars will undergo this transformative journey, and each buyer will be treated to the exclusive ‘Eccentrica Esperienza’ – a personalised experience in Milan and San Marino, where they will collaborate with Colombini on their car’s configuration, offering an exciting and unique journey for each buyer.

Technical innovations abound in the newly launched Eccentrica Diablo, boasting upgrades such as a new six-speed gearbox, lightweight carbon fibre components, and a reinforced chassis for enhanced stability. A sophisticated Capristo exhaust system and advanced electronics elevate the driving experience.

The ‘Eccentrica Diablo’ is upgraded with new-age materials. Credit: Pupil of Fate Motors/Eccentrica

Colombini founded Eccentrica in June 2020 to boldly pay tribute to and redefine Lamborghini’s heritage while safeguarding it.

In pursuit of excellence and to turn the restomod into a brand capable of firing up the market, in September 2022, Colombini began partnering with BorromeodeSilva and other high-end suppliers and partners to work on the restoration of the Diablo, work that only finished in July 2023. BorromeodeSilva is a niche communication and design company headquartered in Milan.

Total Rework

In this respect, the bodywork of the Diablo was redesigned entirely, leaving only the original windshield; all other parts, including fenders, hood, flanks and side skirts, have been replaced with improved carbon fibre components, providing perfect surface integration, greater aerodynamic efficiency and updated visuals with plenty of unique details for the discerning eye.

The ‘Eccentrica Diablo’ features a fully customised interior. Credit: Pupil of Fate Motors/Eccentrica

The hypercar’s proportions have also been pushed to their proper limits, revealing a dominant look, exceptional handling, and stability, defined by the widened track and shortened front and rear overhangs. Part of the vehicle’s unique features are its pop-down headlights.

The Eccentrica’s debut in the UAE perfectly mirrors the country’s drive for innovation and its insatiable appetite for luxury, creating a sense of shared values.

Pupil of Fate Motors, a trailblazer in the luxury car scene since its inception in August 2022, epitomises automotive excellence with its extensive collection of collector cars, supercars, and hypercars.

The ‘Eccentrica Diablo’ has made its maiden debut in the Middle East. Credit: Pupil of Fate Motors/Eccentrica

Technical innovations and enhancements:

  • Upgraded 5.7-litre V12 engine: Increased power to 550 HP at 7,000 rpm and torque to 600 Nm at 6,500 rpm.
  • New custom-made revolutionary six-speed gearbox.
  • Use lightweight composite materials like carbon fibre to reduce overall vehicle weight.
  • Reinforced steel tubular chassis to enhance vehicle stability and safety.
  • High-performance Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tyres for exceptional grip and durability.
  • The Brembo-designed braking system allows stopping from 100 km/h to 0 in just 34 metres.
  • A sophisticated Capristo exhaust system with aluminium alloy tailpipes enhances V12 sound and performance.

New aerodynamics and electronics:

  • Designed for optimal aerodynamics, resembling the fierceness of a fighter jet.
  • Traction control, driving mode selector, power steering kit, and custom-adjustable TrackTive suspension with an integrated lift system.
  • Inside features include Marantz Bluetooth speakers and a wholly re-engineered A/C system.
  • Fully customised interior, combining leather and Alcantara with new innovative materials.

Featured image: Pupil of Fate Motors in Dubai City is the exclusive Middle East dealer of the newly unveiled ‘Eccentrica Diablo’. Credit: Eccentrica.

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