May 28, 2024

Eco-chic, homegrown decor brand, Russell & Rose Home launches in the UAE with its first collection

Homegrown brand, Russell & Rose Home, is the epitome of Caribbean-born creativity in the world of sustainable soft furnishings and it is proud to announce the launch of its first collection in the UAE – “A Caribbean Love Story.” The eco-chic bespoke range includes a variety of table linens and cushions, elevating the home with pieces including elegantly embroidered and printed napkin sets (starting from AED 156 for a set of four), colourful cotton tea towels (AED 138), reversible placemats (set of two – AED 250), and striking indoor and outdoor cushions (starting from AED 219), to name a few, in a variety of cotton and linen fabrics and sizes.

Created by husband and wife, Terri Humphrey and Russell Latapy, it is more than just a brand, but a reflection of their joint love for bringing people together. As a blend of traditional Caribbean motifs and modern aesthetics, the vibrant hues of hibiscus, bougainvillaea, and plumeria blossoms intertwine with palm fronds and exotic foliage, creating a sense of natural beauty and romance. Each petal and leaf seems to tell a tale of love and adventure, making these prints a true celebration of the Caribbean’s enchanting flora and its role in the love stories that unfold in this paradise.

The journey of Russell & Rose Home began amidst the challenges of the pandemic when the world slowed down, and families found solace in transforming their homes into havens of entertainment. Unable to dine out, the art of home entertaining flourished as people experimented with new recipes, hosted virtual dinner parties, and turned mundane evenings into memorable adventures. At the centre of the Russell & Rose Home brand is the deeply heartfelt narrative of the genuine essence of love and global community fostered through dining experiences.

“Our collection is a blend of traditional Caribbean motifs and modern aesthetics, all sustainably sourced and handmade by a small batch of artisans. Each piece not only adorns spaces but also tells stories of family, community, and the joy of sharing meals with loved ones,” said Terri, the creative force behind the designs.

What sets Russell & Rose Home apart is their unwavering commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. Collaborating with small artisans and utilising sustainable materials, the brand is dedicated to creating a more sustainable community and decorating lives with a touch of Caribbean charm and responsibility.

“At Russell & Rose Home, we’re not just about decorating homes; we’re about decorating lives with a touch of Caribbean charm and a strong sense of responsibility. We want our customers to embark on a journey that’s as stylish as it is conscientious – a journey that’s all about making your home, and the world, a better place,” concludes Russell.

The brand, a fusion of traditional Caribbean motifs and modern aesthetics, reflects a shared passion for entertaining and dining inspired by the rich culture and warmth of Caribbean heritage. Russell & Rose Home is not just a brand; it’s a magical voyage where it weaves the love of community into every thread to create exquisite, sustainably sourced and handmade pieces by select artisans, to transform a space into a haven of luxury, comfort and style.

For more information or to place an order, please visit the Instagram page, @russellandrosehome.

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