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Elaf Group participates in Future Hospitality Investment Summit – Saudi Arabia 2023

May 10, 2023- Elaf Group participated in the ‘Future Hospitality Investment Summit – Saudi Arabia 2023’, which was held from May 7 to 9, 2023, in the capital city of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. This year’s summit assembled a huge number of leaders and officials from countries across the globe as well as renowned investors, business owners, developers and operators in the hospitality and hotel services sector, making it the largest edition in the history of this significant event for the region’s hospitality sector.

As the event draws industry leaders from around the world, Elaf Group highlighted its most notable hotel services and products as well as the most recent additions to its hotel facilities in Saudi Arabia. The event served as a platform to address challenges and opportunities, promote sustainability and innovation, and enable entrepreneurship in the hospitality sector and shape the future of hospitality in the KSA and the region.

During the event, Majed Kaki, Vice President of Elaf Travel and Tourism at Elaf Group participated in the panel discussion titled ‘The Saudi Private Sector and the Saudi Vision 2030’, centred on the private sector’s contribution to the development and growth of tourism sector and execution of developmental projects. In addition, he emphasised the opportunities and possibilities for the expansion of tourism, hospitality and hotel services sectors and reinforced their role as significant private economic contributors in line with the goals of Saudi Vision 2030. He further highlighted Elaf Group’s plans to develop its hotel services and products, modify and expand its hospitality facilities in line with the ambitious national plans for tourism, and ensure readiness to welcome more visitors, tourists, pilgrims and Umrah performers.

Kaki said: “Elaf Group is delighted to take part in the Future Hospitality Investment Summit in Saudi Arabia. The summit proved to be an ideal platform to support tourism and hospitality in Saudi Arabia and highlight the distinctive features that make Saudi Arabia a preferred tourist destination. Such occasions are significant given the rising demand for hospitality services and the increase in travellers visiting the Kingdom. In addition to influencing collaborations and investment flows in the hospitality industry, these events further help to achieve a quantum leap in hospitality and tourism services.”

“Attributing to the directives of our wise leadership and the ambitious national visions to encourage development and set the groundwork for a more diversified economic model, Saudi Arabia has been strengthening its position on the global tourism map. Currently, the Kingdom is the centre of attention of the entire globe, with its continued efforts to implement huge strategic and futuristic projects that have a substantial impact on various sectors of the economy, particularly hospitality and tourism. Elaf Group prioritises supporting the national vision and will continue our unwavering commitment to offering top-notch hospitality services and exceptional hotel experiences, empowering national competencies and enhancing their presence in the hospitality sector, further consolidating our cooperation, and expanding our partnerships with leading institutions in the tourism and hospitality sectors in fulfilment of our legacy that extends for more than four decades,” he added.

As one of the leading companies in the region’s hospitality sector, Elaf Group is renowned for its high-quality services, developed facilities, and distinctive experiences it provides to guests and tourists. Additionally, the Group enjoys a prestigious position internationally, particularly in Islamic countries, due to its leadership in offering highly efficient and best quality Hajj and Umrah services.

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