May 24, 2024

Elevate your Home Design

Dubai, UAE, 27 February 2023: With the UAE holiday home industry growing year on year, many people from all over the world are investing in real estate in the UAE to attain a second income through holiday homes.  However, with so many properties dominating the market, one key element that can help your standout is the interior design.

Lux interior is the key step to offering your home on short term lease. It also helps appreciate the value of your property. However, designing your home comes at a price, and it is therefore essential that you spend your money wisely.

First step is to consider the space and functionality of the property. Living areas and bedrooms are the key for holiday homes rental, where guests are seeking for luxury and comfortable options. Considering the type of property, you should allocate appropriate dining and sitting arrangement to serve the number of guests coming to stay. Target appealing design concepts with light and complimenting each other colours, partnered with gold or silver elements, where an accent colour is always making the difference, usually applied as decorative cushions, wall arts or simply an armchair.

Have fun choosing your decorative cushions, carpets, and small deco pieces around the house, which brings the property to life and gives it a soul. Plants are an excellent item to dress empty corner and offer liveness of the room.

Don’t forget your curtains, which play a big roll in completing the look and feel of the property. Go for settled tones, which blend with the rest of the colour scheme, rather than standing out.

Next, ensure that you uplift the furniture selections with some low cost but big impact tricks as wallpaper, deco painting or/and deco panels. Wallpaper offers lux look, smooths the ambience, and offer cosiness of the place. The same can offer you that wow effect and accent of the room. To spice it up you can mix the wallpaper with deco panels, which comes in different colour and texture. A stylish and colour coordinated property appeals to the guest and makes a huge difference.

Kitchen is another important part of your interiors. You should offer multifunctional appliances to serve the needs of your guests.

Nevertheless, you should pay attention to the outdoor area or balcony to complete the look and vibe of the property. Well-presented garden or patio goes a long way and offers comfort and complete look.

Once you’ve made up your mind to invest in your interior, it is time to handover the torch to a specialist. Choose players who have experience with designing holiday homes to ensure the approach is classy, and the cost is minimal. Nasma Luxury Stays, with its eye for detail underpins the experience it offers to its clients. Its passionate, quality driven team is committed to taking care of every little aspect of your interior design need to make your home one of the best properties for the holiday home market.

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