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July 20, 2024

Elm announces participation in GITEX Africa 2024

Elm, a pioneer in digital solutions, confirmed its participation in the second edition of GITEX Africa 2024, Africa’s largest technology and startup event. This participation aligns with Elm’s relentless efforts to stay updated with regional and global industry trends, elevate its impact on technological innovation and explore the global scope of its innovative solutions.

Elm will be participating in the exhibition, which is scheduled to be held from May 29 to 31, 2024, in Marrakesh, Morocco. This follows the success of the last edition, which attracted over 35,000 participants and 900 exhibitors from 128 countries. The exhibition will convene key technology players from a range of industries including smart cities, cybersecurity, data economy, mobility, healthcare and communications. In addition, it provides a dynamic platform for experts in business and technology to communicate and collaborate, bridge the gap between the public and private sectors, and promote the exchange of knowledge.

Furthermore, Elm’s participation in the exhibition holds a significant role in driving the anticipated rise in investment in Africa’s technology sector, which comprises 54 unique markets with vast investment possibilities and evolving challenges.

During its participation, Elm will showcase its recent and most remarkable innovative solutions and products in various fields. It will exhibit various solutions such as modular systems, digital archiving, healthcare systems, standardised data-related services, logistics systems, vehicle sector, smart city and port management, among others.

Elm leverages its innovative and technical expertise to fulfil the demands of humanity for an intelligent and integrated life that is backed by competitive digital solutions. In line with the requirements of various sectors, the company is harnessing cutting-edge business intelligence technology to develop its digital solutions. This approach has reinforced Elm’s position as a vital partner in the digital transformation process, providing a comprehensive system that ensures integration and smooth data flow as well as facilitates individuals’ daily lives.

Majid bin Saad Al Arifi, the Official Spokesman and CEO VP of the Marketing Sector at Elm said: “We look forward to participating in GITEX Africa 2024, a leading technology event in Africa. This move aligns with our ongoing efforts to strengthen our position in regional and international markets while boosting our development and investment prospects through international exhibitions and conferences. With Africa stepping into a new digital era, we seek to leverage the opportunity offered by the exhibition to present our innovative solutions and digital platforms as well as broaden our partnerships with renowned entrepreneurs to foster improved communications and empowerment across Africa.”

“We reiterate our dedication to excellence and leading digital transformation to harness the vast possibilities of technology to improve the quality of life for people and support economic growth in Africa,” he added.

Elm aims to receive a multitude of visitors to its pavilion at GITEX Africa 2024, where it will showcase its numerous achievements. Through its innovative solutions system, the company plays a vital role in accelerating digital transformation across different sectors, expanding globally. Elm’s constant efforts to develop solutions and services that enhance the competitiveness of companies and its ability to keep pace with global trends reflect its commitment to innovation and continuous development. Furthermore, Elm seeks to reinforce its ties and build new partnerships by showcasing its latest technologies and innovations, thereby enhancing the efficiency and reliability of operations in various sectors.


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