April 20, 2024

EMIR CEO and Former Dubai Chief Futurist Launch Next Generation Advisory Network of Remarkable, Seasoned Executives

Emerging Markets Intelligence & Research (EMIR) has today launched a unique take on advisory services, designed to disrupt traditional consulting models and provide higher quality, more trusted partnerships for select CEOs, Boards and Ministers.

“The region is over-consulted and under-delivered,” said Dr. Noah Raford, Managing Partner for Advisory at EMIR and former advisor to the UAE Prime Minister’s Office, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Futurist at the Dubai Future Foundation. “Experience matters, especially for high-stakes, confidential, never-before-done projects at the highest levels.”

At the core of EMIR’s disruptive model lies its direct access to 400+ CEOs, senior government officials and other high achievers through Boardroom by EMIR, its hyper-selective, invite-only intelligence network. This decade of trusted connections offers EMIR a unique and unparalleled network effect, providing another layer of otherwise impossible-to-access expertise and solutions.

“What people need are trusted partners who have been in their shoes, not just clever analysts with academic experience. That is why we embed legendary professionals with decades of experience in every project, instead of just pitching ideas and leaving it to juniors to fill in the gaps,” said Trevor McFarlane, CEO of EMIR.

“Introducing Dr Raford, who has delivered some of the region’s most ground-breaking projects, into EMIR as a business partner, underscores our dedication to pushing the boundaries of traditional advisory services,” added McFarlane.

Together, McFarlane and Raford have assembled a team of globally respected experts, comprised of former government officials, seasoned CEOs, renowned futurists, visionary economists, tech thought leaders, legal titans, security analysts, and even a former MI6 agent.

This exclusive service is provided on an invite-only approach, as EMIR only takes engagement at the highest levels – the Board, the CEO, and the Ministerial level.

“The projects we have decided to take on—both for the private sector and government at the highest levels—reflect our uniqueness. We are dealing at the ministerial level, upstream from the standard Request for Proposal process, or as we say, phase zero. Here, we are helping CEOs, Boards, and ministers grapple with things that have never been delivered before, providing clarity, future foresight, and access to a network of powerhouse leaders who can solve any problem,” said McFarlane.

“Together, we are providing decision-makers with the strategic foresight and clarity needed to navigate never-been-done-before projects on some of the region’s most important initiatives,” concluded Dr. Raford.

For further information on EMIR’s unique solutions, please visit: www.emirintelligence.com  

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