Emirates passengers consume 45 million chocolates annually
July 25, 2024
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Emirates passengers consume 45 million chocolates annually

The airline has a tie-up with Valrhona

Emirates Airlines has revealed statistics about its passengers’ penchant for chocolate, underscoring its commitment to enhancing the in-flight experience.

Emirates passengers indulged in 45 million pieces of luxury chocolate last year across all classes, alongside various tempting desserts. This culinary delight is a key part of Emirates’ ‘fly better’ experience, ensuring every passenger enjoys a touch of decadence at 35,000 feet, regardless of class.

In a breakdown of consumption, Economy Class passengers savoured 36.3 million chocolates, while Premium Economy Class, introduced recently, delighted in 322,000 pieces.

Business Class travellers indulged in 8.2 million chocolates. Still, the First Class patrons truly basked in luxury, enjoying 122,000 large gourmet chocolate boxes with an invitation to take their favourites home.

Emirates’ commitment to delivering premium chocolate experiences is unmistakable in its partnership with Valrhona, the esteemed French chocolatier currently featured on board.

With a legacy of meticulous craftsmanship since 1922, Valrhona’s chocolates are a staple in Emirates’ First Class, served in bespoke luxury boxes designed exclusively for the airline’s discerning passengers.

“We are proud to partner with Emirates, sharing a commitment to excellence and creating unforgettable journeys,” said Zeyneb Larabi, Global Travel Retail Director of Valrhona, highlighting the alignment of values between the two brands.

Passengers receive chocolate candy bars on a snack tray on extended flights, and children enjoy chocolate lollipops during festive occasions. First Class travellers can indulge in Lindt’s 85% dark chocolate from their onboard goodies. The airline’s A380 onboard lounge also features a variety of sweet treats, including vegan and non-vegan options like M&Ms, chocolate cake, and mini chocolate treats.

Emirates’ chocolate offerings extend beyond the skies, enriching the experience in its lounges worldwide. From homemade chocolate ice cream to signature Costa Coffee hot chocolate and an array of Emirates MasterChef creations, the airline ensures that chocolate lovers are indulged at every touchpoint of their journey.

Featured image: Apart from chocolate, the airline’s select passengers can enjoy unique dessert in the air. Credit: Emirates

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