March 5, 2024

Esraa welcomes first child after seven-year delay

Esraa, a married woman who faced seven years of infertility struggles, was finally able to experience the miracle of motherhood, thanks to the dedicated medical team at Saudi German Hospital Dammam.

After years of battling ovulation problems and menstrual irregularities, Esraa sought help from numerous doctors and tried countless medications, only to find all hope elusive.

Disheartened but not defeated, Esraa turned to Saudi German Hospital Dammam, where Dr. Rania Al-Harazi, an obstetrics and gynaecology consultant, devised a successful treatment plan, which unlocked the path to motherhood.

The treatment plan included a new round of examinations, such as medical scans, a two-month treatment to regulate Esraa’s menstrual cycle, and the initiation of ovulation induction treatment until Esraa achieved a positive ovulation response.

As a result, Esraa eventually became pregnant. 

The doctors at the Saudi German Hospital Dammam are widely recognised across the Kingdom for their exceptional expertise and skills, meticulous attention to scientific detail, as well as research-backed treatment plans, ensuring optimal care for their patients.

Esraa’s story of hope and resilience shines as one of many examples at Saudi German Hospital Dammam, where women have found their paths to motherhood. The hospital’s ethos of caring like family is woven into every aspect of patient care, creating an environment of support and compassion that defines the hospital’s commitment to its patients.

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