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Eurovets highlights the use of F10 Products for treatment and infection control in all animal care facilities

Dubai, UAE, May 2023Eurovets, a leading animal health care distributor in the UAE, that offers a comprehensive premium product range at highly competitive prices for small to large animal customers, hosted a seminar on the crucial aspects of animal care, including application, treatment, and infection control. The event emphasized the importance of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) testing audit service and highlighted the unique Qualities of F10. F10  is a licensed animal treatment product effective in infection control and used for the prevention of vector diseases.

Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is a great ‘universal indicator’ to assess the total organic contamination of surfaces. Regular ATP testing audits can help improve hygiene standards in all animal care facilities and prevent the spread of diseases. The more efficient the cleaning process, the lower the amount of organic contamination on the surface, resulting in a lower risk of microbial and viral presence. Eurovets’ ATP testing audits provide verified statistics for customers’ biosecurity protocols and infection control measures, allowing them to plan their biosecurity protocols effectively.

Additionally, the event highlighted the unique qualities of F10. F10 is a safe product for all species and ages, licensed for minor species, and has a wide range of applications, including biofilm removal, skin and hair care, and treatment of bacterial and fungal infections. F10 is also effective for humans and a great range of products is available for use in homes.  

The seminar was led by Dr. Neil Forbes, BVetMed, FRCVS, Recognised Specialist Zoo and Wildlife (Avian), and member of the European College of Zoological Medicine.

“Covid 19 is not the first pandemic to hit us, nor will it be the last. There is a moral and professional requirement to apply an effective and validated Infection Control and Biosecurity process in every animal care segment. Measuring the outcomes of Infection Control is essential, if you are not, or cannot measure it, you cannot manage it. A reminder of the unique qualities of F10 and its applications in infection Control and its use as Animal Treatment Product,” said Dr. Neil Forbes

Dr. Forbes advocates the use of F10 products in animal care facilities, including veterinary clinics, hospitals, breeding centers, dog boarding facilities, farms (poultry/ bovine/ production), stables, equestrian clubs, zoos, and wildlife facilities. He also stressed the importance of applying an effective and validated infection control and biosecurity process in every animal care segment as well as homes.

As a way forward, Eurovets aims to provide ATP audit service to all animal care facilities to help them plan their biosecurity protocols.

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