April 18, 2024

Eurovets Hosts IDEXX Educational Event Showcasing New Cutting-Edge Veterinary Diagnostics Solution

Eurovets, an exclusive UAE-based IDEXX distributor, has recently wrapped up two highly successful seminars spotlighting advanced veterinary diagnostics and the latest technological breakthroughs in the field. The two events held in Dubai and Abu Dhabi attracted substantial interest and active participation from veterinary professionals.

Participants engaged in hands-on, interactive learning sessions which got them to further investigate patient’s minimum database needs, with a specific focus on kidney disease, urinalysis, and electrolytes.

The key highlight of the events was the launch of IDEXX SediVue solutions. This state-of-the-art equipment offers unparalleled capabilities to any companion animal clinic when diagnosing urine sediments. Adding SediVue to the in-house laboratory setup will advance the diagnostic capabilities of the veterinary clinic. IDEXX is a trusted name known for its accuracy and efficiency in veterinary diagnosis. The introduction of SediVue will contribute to improved patient care, provide accuracy in diagnosis, and save clinic’s time while performing urinalysis.

“Eurovets is proud to highlight the availability of the SediVue instrument in the UAE, which will further enhance diagnostics. This underlines our commitment to introducing cutting-edge innovations in veterinary diagnostics in the region, reinforcing our role as a leader in elevating animal care standards,” said Yakub Omarji, COO of Eurovets.

The success of these educational events reflects Eurovets’ dedication to fostering continuous education and knowledge exchange within the veterinary community. With an unyielding focus on innovation and excellence, Eurovets remains at the forefront of driving advancements in veterinary healthcare and shaping the future of the industry.

Eurovets distinguishes itself as a complete supply and solutions partner for all businesses in the animal care sector. Download the Eurovets App on iOS or Android devices and explore our comprehensive range of solutions today.

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