May 28, 2024
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Extreme Networks unveils its regional data centre in UAE

Regional demand for cloud-based storage on the ascendent

US-headquartered Extreme Networks has launched its new regional data centre in the UAE to meet growing business needs for faster data transmissions, easy access to cloud solutions and heightened data security.

Operating from Morrisville, North Carolina, Extreme Networks is a leader in cloud networking and delivers services that connect devices, applications, and people.

The new regional data centre in the UAE is the company’s 18th globally and features reliable, low latency services while offering greater data security and sovereignty for Extreme Networks customers.

UAE data laws

The new regional data centre enables government and enterprise customers to run operations more efficiently while following UAE data laws.

The UAE-based data centre includes the company’s industry-leading cloud management platform, ExtremeCloudIQ platform, which provides network insights and analytics that help organisations streamline operations, gain visibility into network performance and troubleshoot issues.

Maan Al-Shakarchi: Extreme Networks is focussed on the Middle East’s digital acceleration.
Maan Al-Shakarchi: We are focused on the Middle East’s digital acceleration. Image: Extreme Networks

Maan Al-Shakarchi, Regional Director, Extreme Networks, META, stated: “The launch of our new regional data centre in the UAE is proof of our investment in the Middle East’s digital acceleration and our commitment to responding to present and future business needs for large enterprises, schools, government agencies and hospitals, among others.

“Our solutions provide a digital foundation for businesses to thrive and evolve in an ever-changing technological landscape, and with the regional data centre, our customers will benefit from increased performance and security,” Al-Shakarchi added.

Growing demand

Across the GCC and Middle East region, the need for data centres is growing as regional and global companies are experiencing new demand for cloud computing, intelligent services, next-generation e-commerce experiences and remote work capabilities.

Acronis, a leading global cyber protection provider with corporate offices in Switzerland, Singapore, and the United States, has also set up and operates a dedicated data centre in Dubai, UAE.

Abdulrahman Khaiwi, Head of IT at Emirates National Schools, said: “The wireless network is the central nervous system of our operations, educational platform and communications.

“By deploying Extreme solutions, we’ve established a high-performing, highly available network, which becomes the foundation for us to offer an advanced curriculum.

“Knowing that our data will be hosted within the new UAE data centre provides us with additional peace of mind that we’ll benefit from increased speed, performance, and security.”

The UAE unveiled a federal data protection law in 2022 that stipulates strict data protection and storage efforts for the Gulf nation. It also has a cloud-first policy, which requires government entities in the UAE to prioritise cloud solutions when procuring IT services.

Featured image: Extreme Networks operates 18 regional data centres globally. Image: Extreme Networks

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