June 25, 2024

Family Development Foundation enhances societal culture

The Family Development Foundation (FDF) organised various cultural programs and events to enhance social culture and meet the cultural needs of community members in the UAE. In order to attain this goal, the Foundation hosted creative personalities from the UAE as well as the Arab world.

In line with its efforts, FDF, through Zayed Humanitarian Library (ZHL), seeks providing latest publications for pioneers, and books that aid in personal growth and child development. The library acts as a cultural salon that encourages exchange of experiences, creative ideas and innovative thoughts. Furthermore, it serves as a platform for creators and visitors to engage in inspiring discussions and contribute towards shaping a better future for coming generations.

Fatima Al Mansoori, Director of Al Marfa Centre and the Head of ZHL team at FDF said: “The library is dedicated to offering a collection of books by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, with a goal of preserving his timeless and inspiring legacy for future generations. Additionally, it delivers a wide range of heritage books focusing on the history of the country to instil a sense of national identity. It further provides books on topics including social aspects, child upbringing, parenting and family dynamics to improve the quality of family life. The library also has a collection of books on self-development, culture and a wide array of knowledge domains that help in intellectual enrichment. These efforts come in line with the goal to encourage reading culture as a vital aspect of the lifestyle of community members.” 

 “The library has designated areas for both individual and group reading, and it arranges various workshops that target all categories of the society by collaborating with different partners. The workshops are organised in line with its annually approved program. In the first quarter of 2024, ZHL conducted over 80 workshops, which witnessed the participation of 3,600 individuals from different parts of the country such as Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra region. The library offers services such as book borrowing, art and cultural exhibitions, cultural sessions, reading sessions, cultural lectures, official visits, the Zayed Caravan trip, training workshops and the Family Reading Challenge, to support members of the society,” she added.

Furthermore, Al Mansoori highlighted that the Foundation is committed to assessing customer satisfaction in its community programs and services. In line with this, regular assessments of satisfaction levels are conducted after each workshop, program or service.

By collaborating with ZHL, FDF seeks to foster a sense of national belonging among children as well as the youth. It further aims to reinforce its commitment towards safeguarding the values, principles, and identity of the Emirati community. The Foundation identifies the significance of providing abundant knowledge resources by encouraging the practice of borrowing books from libraries, since it serves as a key source of knowledge. Additionally, FDF seeks to attract intellectual and scientific talents from within families and communities to support the overall cultural and social development. Through these efforts, it underscores the relevance of developing an encouraging environment for reading and knowledge-sharing in a sustainable way and leveraging cutting-edge technologies to encourage reading habit and promote cultural values among family members. In addition, it actively establishes cultural partnerships with organisations in Abu Dhabi to align with its objectives and strategies.

The library stands out as a prominent initiative that is focused on community service. It provides a distinguished and enriching experience for the audience and beneficiaries of its programs. The library seeks to offer cultural programs in an entertaining way by presenting knowledge in a novel and innovative way, both nationally and regionally. Visitors of the library get the opportunity to borrow or purchase books to help to gain knowledge and benefit from the rich experiences and intellectual wealth that it offers. The concept of ZHL emerged from the understanding that every individual possesses a wealth of information that others can benefit from, and this enables people to borrow a person rather than a book, breaking away from the conventional norm. Moreover, it serves as an inspiring source of human knowledge.

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