April 18, 2024

Family Development Foundation launches Better Family Life Forum 2024 to reinforce family and community relations

The Family Development Foundation (FDF) launched the Better Family Life Forum 2024 in all its centres located in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra Region. The move comes in alignment with the Foundation’s Better Family Life services and activities.

The Better Family Life Forum 2024 comprises a wide array of workshops and events which are specifically designed to be suitable for every member of a family with an aim to ensure the betterment of family life.

Mariam Muslim Al Mazrouei, Community Services Division Director at FDF, said: “Through organising the Better Family Life Forum 2023, FDF aims to reinforce the bond between family and community members, which ultimately leads to a more prosperous and fulfilling life. The forum offers a valuable opportunity for children and parents alike to communicate and connect with one another, especially by establishing active partnerships with various partners from both government and private sectors. Furthermore, the Forum acts as a key platform to identify and nurture the abilities and skills of children.”

Mariam Muslim Al Mazrouei, the Community Services Division Director at FDF, has confirmed that the “FDF seeks to strengthen family ties among families and community members by organizing the Better Family Life Forum, ultimately leading to a more prosperous and fulfilling life. Through collaboration with various strategic partners from both the government and private sectors, the Forum provides a valuable opportunity for children and parents to communicate and connect with one another. It also serves as a platform for exploring and fostering their children’s creative abilities and skills.”

“The key objective of the Forum is to explore effective and interactive approaches for family members to learn and have fun. These efforts help individuals to nurture their skills and evaluate daily interactions, ultimately improving their relationships with their family members. The event also seeks to recognise the scope of development to ensure the happiness of individuals, families, and society as a whole.

They further seek to foster flexibility and innovation in the way family members interact, while also improving skills of emotional attentiveness, social intelligence, and tolerance to be able to apply these skills in their everyday lives.” she added.

In addition, she pointed out that the Forum is part of the Better Family Life services. The key goal of this Forum is to promote the concept of betterment of life for all family members and society, by empowering them to evaluate their capabilities and lead a healthy, positive, and psychologically well life. The Forum also focuses on developing the participants’ skills to elevate their digital quality of life and foster strong social connections, while underscoring the relevance of values such as giving, cooperation, tolerance, and social intelligence. The Forum plays a key role in equipping individuals with the necessary skills and offers opportunities for interaction between family members and society to ensure positive family relationships in an environment which combines enjoyment with the practical application of improving quality of life.”

Amal Al Kaabi, the Programs and Events Coordinator at FDF, pointed out that the Forum offers a dynamic platform for engaging with the public and creating awareness within the society. She also applauded the relentless efforts of the Foundation in improving communication and creating robust connections between family members, which ultimately raises awareness and instils positive values among them. Al Kaabi also noted FDF’s role in motivating individuals to participate in various interactive activities and workshops.

“Currently, the Foundation is organising the Better Family Life Forum in Abu Dhabi, and it will host the event in all its associated centres during the first of the year. The centres include Al Marfaa Center, Al-Ain Center, Al-Shuwaib Center, Al-Shahama Center, Al Waqan, Rabdan Center, Al Wathba Center, Jebel Hafeet Centre, and Abu Dhabi Centre. It is also being held at public venues such as The Heritage Village in Al Dhannah, Al Qoa’a Park in Al Qoa’a, and Zayed Al Khair Park in Ghayathi,” she added.

Furthermore, she said: “The Forum offers a varied range of interactive workshops and activities, such as sports movement games for children, art workshop focused on recycling, comprehensive medical examinations as part of the check program and generational dialogue sessions. In addition, it has created a designated corner for productive families, a heritage display, an exhibition for talented students, a workshop for family members focusing on challenging activities, Sana’a workshop, ‘Play with grandparent’ sports workshop, ‘Me and My Family are Innovating’ workshop, and lastly, a social cinema workshop.”

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