May 28, 2024

Family Development Foundation organises a visit at Al Ain Center in collaboration with Dubai Community Development Authority

The Family Development Foundation (FDF), in collaboration with the Dubai Community Development Authority, organised a visit for the participants of the Authority’s ‘Thukher’ Social Club and ‘Barakat Al-Dar’ Club at Al Ain Center.

The visit, which came as part of the ‘We Shortened the Distance and Gained Your Sight’ initiative launched by the Authority, that provide a group of daily activities, events and programs concerned with the cultural, social, recreational and health aspects of the lives of senior citizens and sought to bring them together from different parts of the country to share stories, conversations, and experiences. It further aimed at strengthening the bonds of cooperation as well as facilitating exchange of experiences between senior citizens.

The visit came with the aim of connecting senior citizens in various parts of the emirates of the country with each other to exchange conversations and memories of the past, learn about the services that the center provides to them, and extend the bonds of cooperation and exchange of experiences between senior citizens and the Family Development Foundation- Al Ain Center

The visit was attended by a number of senior citizens, including ‘Thukher’ Social Club members and supervisors, senior citizens dealing with Al Ain Center and Al Ain Centre’s management, and students of Liwa International Private School and supervisors to offer their welcome.

Khawla Al Suwaidi, Director of Al Ain Center, Family Development Foundation, welcomed the members of the ‘Thukher’ Social Club. An introductory workshop that briefed about the Family Development Foundation’s services and the senior citizens system was organised for the members, which was presented by Hedayah Al Kaabi, Saoud Al Jabri, and Raisa Al Kaabi, who all served as the Programs and Events Coordinators. Al Suwaidi explored and reviewed the services offered by the Thukher Social Club, as well as those provided for senior citizens, in addition to meeting with senior citizens from the ‘Thukher Club’ and customers of Al Ain Centre.

The ‘We Shortened the Distance and Gained Your Sight’ initiative, launched by the Dubai Community Development Authority, seeks to improve the social integration of senior citizens, enable them to spend their free time more productively, and boost their spirits. To do so, the initiative organises a variety of everyday activities, events, and programs that address cultural, social, recreational, and health-related aspects of senior citizens’ lives.

At the end of the visit, the ‘My Happiness’ forum, affiliated with the Senior Citizens Forums launched by the FDF, was unveiled by organising a trip to Qasr Al Muwaiji in Al Ain to learn about the most significant historical sites and handicrafts, as well as share experiences and visit social institutions that offer services to senior citizens across the UAE. The visit aimed at assessing progress and implementing suitable measures to support this segment of society, enabling them to live decent and active lives as well as benefit from their experiences in a variety of spheres of life.

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