May 20, 2024
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Feast on horror, dramas, anime and action thrillers in February on STARZPLAY

From a brand-new Arabic-language original series by an Academy Award-winning Emirati production company to riveting anime and a host of action-packed Hollywood thrillers, STARZPLAY is bringing the best of entertainment to binge watch all through February. Consistently ranked among the region’s top three subscription video-on-demand services, STARZPLAY delights audiences of all ages with an impressive catalogue of drama, action, comedy, family, and or Arabic content.

STARZPLAY Originals and newest releases

Kaboos, streaming now on STARZPLAY

Kaboos, featuring five standalone episodes is the first Arabic language original on the platform and has been described as a modern-day retelling of urban myths.

Created in collaboration with Academy Award-winning Emirati production company Image Nation Abu Dhabi and filmed across Egypt and the UAE, the anthology series explores twisted and ominous tales from Arab folklore infused with a modern twist.

The series spans a variety of genres from classic horror to noir psychological and supernatural thriller and features leading directors from across the region including Emirati filmmakers Hana Kazim and Majid Al-Ansari, Iraqi director Yasir Al-Yasiri, Egyptian filmmaker and visual artist Ahmed Khaled, and Los Angeles-based Bahraini director Hala Matar.

Bent, streaming now on STARZPLAY

Premiering on February 24, this crime thriller features Karl Urban in the top lead as the shamed former cop who, on his release from a prison sentence for crimes of which he was innocent, connects a murder case to a government conspiracy involving rogue agents from a top spy agency. Sofia Vergara and Andy Garcia play supporting roles.

Phantom of the Idol S1, streaming now on STARZPLAY

In this Japanese comedy manga series by Hijiki Isoflavone, Yuya is one half of the idol duo ZINGS, but his laziness has him on the brink of getting blacklisted from the business. He then meets the spectral Asahi, the ghost of a former idol who is eager to stage her own comeback by possessing Yuya’s willing body. Fumiya Imai, Naoi Toyama, and Shun Horie lend their voice for the series.

WATCH IT exclusives on STARZPLAY:

WATCH IT content is now available to STARZPLAY subscribers, including WATCH IT’s recent and exclusive Arabic titles, with more than 12,000 episodes and over 200 Arabic movies to watch.

From series to movies to daily talk shows, the recent additions include: Al-Aeli Di, that revolves around the everyday life of a middle-class Egyptian family; Sahibat AlSaada, a weekly talk show hosted by Esaad Younis; Egar Adeem, a drama that sheds light on social issues through stories of neighbours in one building; Al Kabeer Awi, a comedy show that revolves around a mayors’ twin-sons who were raised differently, one lived in America while the other stayed in Egypt; and El Kahen, a horror movie that revolves around a mysterious murder that turns a couple’s life upside down.

New season releases and new movie premieres, exclusively on STARZPLAY:

Al Mo’asses Osman (Kuruluş: Osman) S3, streaming now on STARZPLAY

Focused on the life of Osman Bey, the son of Ertugrul Gazi and the founder of the Ottoman Empire, the new season of this action drama stars Burak Ozcvit, Ozge Torer, and Yildiz Cagri in the lead roles.

Hard Kill, streaming now on STARZPLAY

Starring Bruce Willis, Jesse Metcalfe, and Lala Kent, this action thriller revolves around billionaire tech CEO Donovan Chalmers (Willis). The work he does is so valuable that he hires mercenaries to protect it, and a terrorist group kidnaps his daughter just to get it.

Waiting for the Barbarians, streaming now on STARZPLAY

A magistrate at an isolated outpost reevaluates his loyalty to his nation when an army colonel uses cruel tactics to interrogate the locals about a possible uprising. Starring Johnny Depp, Mark Rylance, Rober Pattinson, and Gana Bayarsaikhan.

Vendetta, streaming now on STARZPLAY

When his daughter is brutally murdered and legal justice looks unlikely, William Duncan takes the law into his own hands, setting out on a quest for retribution, in this action-thriller revenge film premiering on February 17. Bruce Willis plays the lead with Theo Rossi and Mike Tyson in the supporting cast.

How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom S1 (Part 1 & 2), streaming now on STARZPLAY

Follow the adventures of Kazuya Souma, a humanities-student-turned-hero as he pulls on his knowledge of realism and Machiavellianism to rebuild the kingdom in this fantasy series featuring Yusuke Kobayashi, Inori Minase, and Show Hayami.

With thousands of hours of premium content, STARZPLAY is available in 19 countries across the Middle East, North Africa, and Pakistan for fans to enjoy quality content anytime, anywhere, and from any device. 

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