June 21, 2024

Fils Partners with TPS to Drive Sustainability and Climate Action in Pakistan’s Digital Banking Sector 

Fils, the fast growing, UAE-based enterprise-grade digital infrastructure provider enabling companies to embed sustainability and climate action into their business models, today expands its offerings to Pakistan with a strategic partnership with TPS, a leading digital banking and payments solution provider powering banks, digital banks, fintechs, payment processors, merchants, and telecoms around the world. The collaboration aims to make a lasting impact on the international stage, embedding climate action at the core of digital financial services.

During an era marked by escalating climate change concerns, TPS and Fils have signed a groundbreaking alliance to enable businesses to embed sustainability throughout their operations. This strategic collaboration is set to empower TPS’s extensive network of card issuer clientele and merchant acquirers worldwide enabling them to embrace sustainable business practices through Fils’ enterprise grade payments platform.

In this innovative partnership, TPS’s partners will gain the ability to accurately track their environmental impact, embed carbon intelligence for their end consumer/card holder, mitigate their emissions with high-quality carbon credits, and transparently report their progress. By joining forces with Fils, TPS is cementing its commitment to boosting the sustainability of digital banking and payments technology the world over. 

The landmark partnership with TPS signals Fils’ expansion into Pakistan, providing its market-leading sustainability infrastructure to banks and financial institutions across the country. With this advancement, Pakistan’s commitment to combating climate change is strengthened, now equipped with the tools needed to adopt sustainable infrastructures and advance toward a net-zero economy.

Nameer Khan, CEO of Fils, said “Today’s exciting partnership with TPS will make a real impact in dealing with climate change, providing access to high-quality carbon credits via our robust, comprehensive and transparent infrastructure. Our technology-first approach to sustainable action enables SMEs, large corporations and other organisations to seamlessly embed sustainability throughout their global operations.”

The latest sustainability capabilities complement TPS’s comprehensive suite of services, designed to enhance digital payment solutions for banks, fintechs, merchants, telecoms, and payment processors adopting cutting-edge payment technology. TPS’s emphasis on seamless plug-n-play integrations and digital-first platforms simplifies the process for organisations to introduce sustainable banking and climate action products/services, guaranteeing a smooth customer experience.

In an effort to eradicate greenwashing, Fils’ infrastructure employs blockchain technology to accurately track emissions and carbon credits. This approach prevents the duplication of credits and ensures clear transparency. Fils’ integrates blockchain throughout its full-stack infrastructure for corporate climate action, enhancing both accountability and trust, propelling organisations towards their net-zero emissions targets.

Commenting on this transformative partnership, Shahzad Shahid, CEO at TPS, stated: “As a leader in the digital payments industry, we recognise the importance of integrating climate action into our operations and infrastructure. Our collaboration with Fils underscores our commitment to providing a comprehensive suite of digital banking and payments technology, enabling our partners to seamlessly embed sustainability throughout their operations.”

Fils’s impressive roster of top-tier partners includes notable names such as Mashreq Bank, Telr, Geidea, Aion and e& Enterprise, among others. This rapid expansion and collaboration demonstrates Fils’s tireless dedication to integrating ESG principles into the global financial services industry, further cementing its status as a trailblazer in the space. Additionally, Fils’s groundbreaking approach to climate-positive transactions has garnered recognition, being listed as one of the top climate tech companies to watch in the Middle East by esteemed organisations such as PwC and Arabian Gulf Business Insight. 

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