June 25, 2024


FOO, the award-winning B2B Fintech solutions provider, has partnered with Insightter, a Data and AI transformer Agency, to bring cutting-edge data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to financial institutions and service providers throughout the MENA region.

Established in 2004, Insightter has spent nearly two decades at the forefront of data science, AI, and machine learning, with a robust history of leveraging data to drive business objectives. To date, the company’s pioneering analytics solutions have driven significant transformation across various sectors, including major telecommunications providers and financial institutions in 11 countries.

In recent years, the MENA region has emerged as a key hub for digital innovation, particularly in the financial sector. Investment and advancements in AI are accelerating this transformation, with the technology set to contribute $320 billion to the region in 2030.

This partnership between Insightter and FOO is the result of a series of successful proof-of-concept implementations with selected FOO clients, demonstrating the substantial benefits of integrating advanced data analytics and AI-driven solutions into existing financial services.

Insightter’s data asset platform expertly tailors its capabilities to the Fintech sector, transforming complex financial raw data into valuable insights about profiles, customer behaviors, and hidden patterns. These insights not only enhance targeted marketing strategies but also deepen customer engagement and loyalty, which is particularly crucial for Financial Institutions. The platform also streamlines fintech operations, improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of financial transactions. By harnessing these analytics, fintech clients can achieve strategic objectives and operational excellence, ensuring a bespoke service experience that adapts to dynamic market needs

Ghady Rayess, Co-founder and managing director at FOO, commented: “As FOO continues to expand its global footprint, this strategic partnership with Insightter is a key step toward integrating more sophisticated data analytics and AI into its offerings, ensuring that clients not only meet but exceed the demands of a dynamic financial landscape.”

Michel Kilzi, CEO at Insightter, commented: “We are delighted to be working with FOO. This partnership of Insightter’s leading data analytics capabilities with FOO’s Fintech expertise and deep understanding of the region’s financial landscape will drive further innovation in financial services throughout the MENA region.”

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